Apex Legends Loot Guide – High Loot Areas, Where to Find the Best Loot

In this Apex Legends Guide, we have detailed some of the most high-loot areas in the game where you will find the best available loot in the game.

Getting high-tier equipment and gear in Apex Legends isn’t easy, especially when the game is more slower-paced than the other battle royale games and the loot being far-and-wide. Allow us to guide you through the best locations and methods to acquire yourself some decent enough Apex Legends Loot.

Apex Legends Loot

In Apex Legends loot is scattered across the map. Though the places for the loot can be determined, the content inside these chests is randomized, just as you’d expect in any battle royale game for fair results.

The likelihood of finding loot is also greater in some regions of the map than others. So is the rarity of the particular gear or weapon, which differs according to the location of the chest.

Most of the items that you’ll acquire as loot carry a priority or grade system like other BR games. These rarities are dived into four categories i.e. Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary with the last one being the hardest to discover and acquire.

Here are some of the more populated places when it comes to finding the loot. Beware though, as lucrative and useful a trek to these places would be, you can definitely expect some sort of resistance in the form of competition from the other players.

The Hot Zone

The presence of this particular spot on the map is indicated by a blue circle, towards the start of the map. The Hot Zone.


Here you can find the most legendary weapons, armor, and other equipment so this is a rather hotly contest zone with players rushing to get ahead in the race and collect the items first.

The Supply Ship

Similarly to the Hot Zone, the supply ship will also appear for your pleasure at the beginning of every round. You can identify it by marking it on the map with the shape of a white ship.

If the shots are called correctly and the team-based effort goes according to the plan, you and the squad can easily pack a lot of firepower at the very start of the match. But again, just like in the case of the Hot Zone, prepare for and expect a fight.

The Supply Drops

After a period of time, you will be notified when a supply drop will be dropping in on a random location through an audio cue. The supply drop also contains high tier loot but there won’t be much in terms of quantity.

As the supply drops are revealed you might want to go for it as fast as you can because, these drops are made visible to all players across the map, so its the case of “Early Bird gets the Worm”.

Loot Bots/Drones

Loot Bots or Drones are scattered throughout the map but their locations are tough to uncover. They hold decent loot so you should be all ears for any unusual sound which would reflect their presence nearby.

Lifeline’s Ultimate

Finally, if one of the characters in your squad is Lifeline, then you’ve can utilize another favor from your teammate.

Her ultimate attack or Finisher, once activated, allows the entire team to reap the benefits as the character calls for a package out of the sky which deploys multiple items of a defensive nature, some of which include health regeneration consumables and shield restoration batteries.

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