Apex Legends Leveling Guide – Best Ways to Earn XP Fast, Level Up Characters

Apex Legends Leveling Guide with the best way to earn experience (XP) fast to level up your characters, earn Apex Packs, and reach the level cap.

Apex Leveling Guide with the best way to earn experience (XP) fast to level up your characters, earn Apex Packs, and reach the level cap.

Leveling up in Apex Legends allows you to earn Apex Packs for cosmetic items and Legend Tokens which will later allow you to unlock new characters.

Thus for new Weapon Skins, Character Poses, etc., you will need to know about best ways to earn Experience Points (XP) apart from securing eliminations and surviving long enough.

Apex Legends Leveling

A full XP report is displayed after each match where a breakdown is also revealed for the tasks you have accomplished and how they contributed to your overall player level.

Leveling up awards you with Apex Packs that comprise of Legendary Weapon Skins, special sets like Heirloom Set, and other cosmetic items.

You may also be rewarded with Legend Tokens for unlocking new character i.e. Caustic and Mirage. Lastly, you can be handed both the aforementioned prizes but the chances are slim.


It is important to note that although player level is facilitated by the function of any character, the tasks themselves and the stats achieved would be tied to a specific character.

For example, dealing X amount of damage as Lifeline will not be the same if you changed your character to Wraith. The level cap in Apex Legends, as of now, is 100 after which you will always acquire Legend Tokens as the rewards.

Below, you will find all the prominent objectives listed that earn you XP on a consistent basis.

1. Teamwork and Survival

Playing with friends, and cooperatively so, seems to be the key to earning the highest XP per game. Apart from surviving each match where you will be awarded 180 XP per minute survived; you can revive, respawn, and cooperate with your teammates to earn XP bonuses. These are:

  • 25 XP per Ally Revived
  • 25 XP per Ally Respawned
  • 5% additional XP Multiplier to that Earned from Time Survived as long as you play with Friends.

Since you will be playing with friends most of the time in squads, you can perform a bunch of these tasks in a single round to stack up XP very quickly.

2. Victory and Performance

Every battle royale victory rewards you with 500 XP. Even when you have not obtained the first spot, you can rank in the top-3 of any match to earn 300 XP. Do note that for finishing first, you will receive both rewards for an astounding amount of 800 XP.

3. Eliminations

Of course, killing, though inconsistent, will always reward you with small XP bonuses if you have a good finger on trigger and can put down some foes. The breakdown of the nature and types of kills are listed below:

  • 50 XP per Standard Foe Eliminated.
  • 500 XP Received for Eliminating a Champion.
  • 50 XP Is Awarded for Eliminating the Leader of an Enemy Squad.
  • For Damage Inflicted, the XP Rewarded Is the Amount of Damage Done Divided by 4.

These are some of the best ways of earning XP and leveling up your characters in Apex Legends.

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