Apex Legends Leaks 9 New Legends, New Map, & New Weapons

Unannounced seasonal content for the next couple of years (or more) has been leaked online for Apex Legends.

Unannounced seasonal content for the next couple of years (or more) has been leaked online for Apex Legends.

According to media files shared on Reddit earlier today, developer Respawn Entertainment has nine new Legends in development for Apex Legends. Some of these Legends (Vantage and Newcastle) are in a good enough state to suggest that they will be joining the game next. Their abilities were also part of the leak, but they can always change during the course of development and testing.

The leaked Legends:

  • Jester (Unknown) – cloaks friendlies
  • Conduct (Support) – recharges/damages shields
  • Phantom (Support) – uses hook shot, isolates enemies
  • Caliber (Support) – carries three weapons, deploys ammo box
  • Scryer (Recon) – reveals/blinds enemy vision
  • Vantage (Recon) – marks enemies for increased damage
  • Newcastle (Defense) – carries teammates, raises barricades
  • Catalyst (Defense) – strengthens doors, creates towers
  • Uplink (Defense) – revives, prevents friendlies from being downed

Apex Legends also appears to be receiving a bow as one of several upcoming weapons. They include the Nemesis B-AR energy assault weapon, the Fanatic energy pistol, the Maelstrom light machine gun, and the Gemini energy submachine gun.

Furthermore, there is a new map called Divided Moon in the works for Apex Legends that will feature a monorail system for transport. The leaked materials however suggest the new map to be far from finished. Divided Moon, or whatever the map gets called in the end, does not seem to be releasing in 2022.

Respawn Entertainment was quick to take down the leaked information, meaning that they were accurate.

Apex Legends is now available on supported platforms, including the recently launched Steam Deck. It is one of the first online-only multiplayer games to grace the handheld after its issues with Easy Anti-Cheat were reportedly cleared earlier in the month.

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