Apex Legends Keyboard And Mouse Cheats On Consoles Will Get You Punished

Respawn is warning Apex Legends players that if they make use of an Apex Legends keyboard and mouse cheat while playing the game, they’ll be hit with some form of punishment. While Respawn Entertainment hasn’t given a specific punishment, they are looking at what to do for it in the future.

Many PC players like to play first person shooter games on their computers because the mouse and keyboard setup allows them a greater degree of precision than normal controller gameplay does. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be a problem, except it’s happening on consoles.

Normally most people play shooter games like Apex Legends with controllers. However, the Apex Legends keyboard and mouse cheats are giving players that use a keyboard and mouse over a controller a unfair advantage over people who use a controller.

This entire situation came about when Microsoft opened up the Xbox One to keyboard and mouse support, allowing players to use keyboard and mouse options on it even if Apex doesn’t support it. A device known as an XIM adapter is also available to trick the Xbox One into thinking a keyboard and mouse setup is a gamepad.

Respawn hasn’t really done anything about it so far, though the studio has released a statement saying that they don’t condone people using a keyboard and mouse and are currently investigating ways to detect when players are doing it.

Respawn then went on to say that they would be revisiting detection and what to do about players that are using it in the future, so players who use a keyboard and mouse while playing Apex Legends should keep in mind the possible consequences.

If the issue becomes more widespread, for instance, Respawn may eliminate that control option all together for the console version of Apex Legends, or may take measures specifically with players that use it in gameplay. Other studios and games have come across a similar problem.

The Apex Legends keyboard and mouse control option might be good for PC players to be able to get a leg up over console players if they’re not used to controllers, but if it upsets the game’s competitive balance then PC players should probably start practicing with a controller in case Respawn gets rid of it.