Apex Legends Gibraltar Character Guide – Abilities, How to Play, Ultimate Tips

Apex Legends Gibraltar Character Guide will help you learn all about playing as him, his abilities kit, how to use his ultimate effectively and some tips.

Our Apex Gibraltar Character Guide will help you learn all about playing as him, his abilities kit, how to use his ultimate effectively and some general tips to help you secure more wins.

Apex Legends Gibraltar Character

With the description, we understand that Gibraltar essentially plays the role of a medic. Although he does not directly act as a medic, most of his abilities feature a defensive playstyle.

Gibraltar is a great asset to the team because he acts as a tank. He comes with a lot of defensive option, so he will be very useful when trying to get out of a sticky situation.

Mainly because he can take fire for his allies with his shield and deploy a shield for them to prevent further damage.

Character Abilities

Unlike most of the Battle Royale games, it matters which character you choose in Apex mainly because each character comes with their own unique abilities.

Each character has 3 types of abilities i.e. Tactical Ability, Passive Ability, and the Ultimate Ability, utilizing each of them will play a key role in your gameplay.


Passive Ability: Gun Shield
The Passive Ability of Gibraltar is called “Gun Shield”. This, as the name suggests, is a shield deployed over his gun.

This essentially functions the same way as the Rifle Shield of Black Beard from Rainbow Six: Siege, but unlike Black Beard’s Rifle Shield which breaks almost immediately, Gibraltar’s shield can take a lot more damage.

However, the shield deploys over Gibraltar’s weapon, as such, it does not provide 360-degree protection, so he is very susceptible to fire from any other direction.

Tactical Ability: Dome of Protection
The Tactical Ability of Gibraltar is called “Dome of Protection”. When activated, Gibraltar throws out a dome of shield that which soaks up all the incoming fire.

This is a great defensive option when taking heavy fire, Gibraltar can deploy the dome to take a breather, or to cover injured allies from further damage.

However, before you get comfortable in the protection of the dome, keep in mind, it lasts for only about 15 seconds.

Ultimate Ability: Defensive Bombardment
The Ultimate Ability of Gibraltar is called “Defensive Bombardment”. We have discussed the defensive options of Gibraltar, he is at a pretty good spot there, but he also has a major offensive tool.

Defensive Bombardment is defensive in name only, otherwise, it can be used to dish out a great degree of damage to the enemies. It works as an air strike, throw in a smoke grenade and the air support will light that area up like a Christmas tree.

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