Apex Legends Fuse Guide

In this Apex Legends Fuse Character Guide, we’ll tell you about everything you need to know about this new legend, including his abilities in the 8th season of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Fuse

Apex Legends season 8 is coming out today and this season, we’ll be seeing a new character, Fuse alongside the new obliterated King’s Canyon map.

Who is Fuse?

Fuse, also known as Walter Fitzroy is a 54-year-old legend from Salvo who will be making an appearance in the 8th season of Apex.

Apparently, Fuse went to war with his old friend Maggie before the beginning of the season and the war created mayhem in Kings Canyon.

Therefore, there’ll be a lot of old locations that won’t show up on the map anymore or they would be replaced by a few new locations.

It is not just Kings Canyon that suffered from the war, but Fuse himself lost an arm to that war. Therefore, he now wears a robotic arm.

This new robotic arm of his has given him quite a few interesting abilities that we would get to see in the 8th season.

So far, we can tell that Fuse loves explosions and destruction.

Fuse Character Abilities

Tactical Ability (Knuckle Cluster)
With Fuse’s Knuckle Cluster ability, you’ll be able to launch a cluster bomb at the enemies that will eventually split open into tiny bombs targeting more enemies and covering more area.

Passive Ability (Grenadier)
With this ability Fuse can carry one additional grenade in his inventory. Well, what else could be expected of someone who is all into explosions?

However, this is not the fun part. Fuse’s robotic arm not only allows him to launch the grenades with immense speed but also hit the target more accurately. Also, his grenades cover more distance than usual.

Ultimate Ability (The Motherlode)
Now for the ultimate ability, this ability will allow the legend to encircle the adversaries in a ring of fire.

This ability could be particularly useful if you run into a group of adversaries clustered together. Enclosing all of them in a ring of fire and then taking them all out using Fuse’s other explosive abilities can make the job quick and easy.

You can also use Wraith to open up a portal inside the ring of fire to rush the enemies and escape when the need arises.

Since Fuse is the king of explosions, we suggest that all other teammates feed their projectiles to Fuse and let him handle all explosion-related tasks.

Tips and Tricks

Fuse’s abilities are a dream for teams looking to bring the fight to their opponents. His Tactical, Knuckle Cluster, not only destroys doors, it also sticks to enemy Legends, bringing their health down by a rather significant 50 points.

His ultimate, The Motherlode, synergizes really well with Legends such as Horizon, Caustic and Gibraltar, turning the ring of fire into a veritable zone of death and destruction.

Even with all this utility that Fuse brings for his team, he’s not an unstoppable pushing machine. All his active abilities are hard countered by Wattson’s Ultimate.

Which is something Fuse players need to keep in mind before deploying their barrage of death and destruction during Season 8 of Apex.

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