This Could Be The End of Apex Legends

According to SuperData Research, EA and Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends is now down 74% in digital sales revenue within two months.

EA and Respawn Entertainment’s massive Battle Royale game, Apex Legends, is down 74% in digital sales revenue in two months.

Apex Legends was the best thing in the battle royale scene as a whole when it launched. It quickly rose to success by becoming the number one Battle Royal game within two months of its launch. After that, it experienced a few ups and downs in sales numbers but now it seems the game revenue has significantly plummeted.

According to SuperData Research, Apex Legends generated $24 million in sales revenue back in April. But this is the second time in a row that Apex Legends sale revenues have declined. SuperData Research’s report on the Worldwide digital games market April 2019 also shows that Apex Legends’ monthly revenue now “sits at just over one-quarter of the launch-month sales from February.”

The game is criticized due to the lack of quality content recently. Fans criticized Apex for its underwhelming battle pass in its highly anticipated first season which included only one Legend. Another common gripe from fans was that there weren’t any new weapons or maps.

It is likely Apex Legends will see a boost in sales revenue thanks to its upcoming Mobile port in partnership with China’s Tencent Holdings Ltd. Over 95% of gamers in China are mobile based, bringing Apex Legends—one of EA’s top tier Battle Royale games to not only China but the global mobile player base will likely boost its numbers.

Respawn Entertainment also fixed major crashing problems and glitches that affected most Intel users thanks to Apex Legends patch 1.1.3. The patch also managed to improve enemy footstep noise along with making major adjustments to hit detection in Apex Legends. It is likely the game will see some sort of boost thanks to the new patch version 1.1.3.

You can expect EA to give more updates regarding Apex Legends during its E3 2019 EA Play live stream.