Apex Legends “Crypto” Teased By Respawn Dev’s Tweet

Apex Legends season two brought us Wattson among other features. But Apex Legends fans have been expecting a new legend to play on Kings Canyon. And it might come sooner than we think.

Respawn dev Tina Sanchez tweeted a picture of herself wearing an outfit covered with sensors while holding what appears to be a cane. This combined with the next tweet thread has led fans to believe that a new Legend is being worked on.

Sanchez talked about how she was working on Apex stuff and tagged two of Respawn’s animators. This appears to be Sanchez giving a behind-the-scenes look at the 3D animation process to fans. What better way than with a new Apex Legend?

One curious twitter user asked if the legend she’s modeling for is Crypto. Crypto is expected to be the next addition to the Apex roster. Sanchez replied with a cheeky tweet. It was an emoji of a face with no mouth, possibly hinting that Crypto may be on the horizon.

Sanchez is holding a cane which could be clue. All teased pictures of Crypto include him with a sword strapped to his back. One data miner even found a file named “DEATH_SWORD.” Therefore, Sanchez may have modeled animations for Crypto’s abilities while using the cane as a sword.

The rumours began when a laptop showed up in King’s Canyon before the launch of Battle Charge. People thought this was a clue as to the Leviathans being let loose in King’s Canyon. At that time, dataminers efforts revealed some of the supposed upcoming Legends from the game and Crypto was among them.

At the beginning of the battle charge trailer, there was a jacket that resembled his jacket. So that does mean that Respawn has plans to launch him soon.

Recently, EA teased a major event for Apex Legends in its earning reports. Could it be that Crypto arrives to save the day in that event? The lore of Apex Legends is building up slowly and surely. We wonder what Crypto’s abilities will be.

But considering that Crypto has a laptop and a sword, we are thinking he will be a hacker meets samurai character. Lets see how it folds out!

Source: PCGamer