Apex Legends Crafting Materials Guide – How to Craft Weapon Skins, Legend Skins

You can craft some cool stuff in Apex Legends however, you are going to need the materials to craft those items.

Microtransaction is becoming a meta for most of the new games, especially the Battle Royale Games, so it is no surprise that Apex Legends also features this system.

However, Apex has a unique take on this that involves grinding for cosmetics, but it is worth it, after all, who doesn’t want to look slick while kicking ass?! Apex Crafting Materials are required in order to craft cosmetic items including weapon skins, Legend skins, and a whole lot of different things.

Apex Legends Crafting Materials

Apex Legends contains three in-game currencies i.e. Crafting Metals, Apex Coins, and Legend Tokens. Each of these currencies is used to purchase cosmetic items or new characters, with them being obtainable by different methods.

While the Apex Coins can only be purchased, you can earn Crafting Metals and Legendary tokens, through putting the time in the game.

Crafting Metals can be used to craft weapons, but crafting is not cheap in this game. There are 4 quality items i.e. Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. They cost 30, 60, 400, and 1,200 crafting materials respectively.

Therefore, the more Crafting Metal you stock up, the better equipment you get.


With that said if you have not figured it out already, the only way of getting Crafting Metal is to open Apex Packs. Apex Packs can be purchased using Apex Coins; however, if you are keeping your belt tight, then you can always rely on leveling up.

Each level you ascend grants you an Apex Pack. Therefore, the game essentially pays you back for the time you invest in it.

As previously stated, Apex Pack can give you Crafting Metal, but that is not the only goody expected from the Apex Pack. Apex Pack has a chance of dropping something Epic or Legendary.

However, do not get your hopes up, since the chance of getting something decent from an Apex Pack is somewhat slim. Furthermore, the Crafting Metal dropped by it is just a hand full.

While, the sum you receive may seem less and the grind for Apex Packs may seem long, keep in mind that the game is free to play, Respawn Entertainment has to earn somehow, so microtransaction is their bread and butter.

Legendary Tokens

Another way of getting some cool new skins is to earn Legendary Tokens. The Legendary Token will also be given to you as you level up.

While they can be used to purchase skins featured in the store, it is best to save them up to unlock a new character.

There are two locked characters i.e. Caustic and Mirage, these characters have some amazing abilities, so it would wise to check them out. They are not cheap to unlock, they require either 750 Apex Coins or 12000 Legendary Tokens.

12,000 is a very hefty price considering that you only get 600 Tokens on a level up, however, it is not too farfetched and is achievable, but will require a good amount of grind.

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