Apex Legends Characters Guide – Abilities, Ultimates, How to Play (Tips and Tricks)

If any of you are picking up Respawn’s Battle Royale titled Apex Legends, you will want to know how to actually play each character in Apex Legends? Here is a little straightforward Apex Legends Characters Guide to help you perform better during gameplay.

Apex Legends Characters

Our Apex Characters Guide will help you learn all about playing different classes, their abilities, ultimate abilities, and tips to play them all.

You can also check out our hero-specific guides linked under each character’s heading.

1. Bangalore

We will start off with the most straightforward and arguably easiest character to understand and play. Bangalore is pretty much your run of the mill soldier class that serves as an all-rounder character.

Being suitable for every situation and range. Her abilities include a smoke launcher to provide yourself and your squad with cover. Another trick up her sleeve is the ability to increase her overall movement speed when taking damage.

Bangalore is also a weapons specialist with a diverse kit. To top it all off, she can call an artillery strike in the form of a carpet-bombing as her ultimate.

You can easily use her as a DPS or a support type role by laying fire down on enemies and simultaneously protecting your allies. Be sure to check out our Bangalore Class Guide for more details on playing as her.

2. Gibraltar

Gibraltar goes into the more specific role category, serving the purpose of a tank. A tank’s job is basically to divert fire to themselves due to their ability to take more damage than any other class.

Of course, there is still a limit to how much they can take so teamwork is always important. Gibraltar also has a few supportive abilities at his disposal.

One being a dome shield that he can use to protect allies within a certain radius, enough to get a revival or make a retreat.

A more personal ability of his includes a shield on his gun that forms when you aim down sights, giving him that tank ability. His ultimate, similar to Bangalore is basically an artillery strike, but a more focused mortar one, rather than a carpet-bombing.

3. Mirage

Here we have the more jester and illusionist type class. Mirage has the ability to use different forms of holographic distractions to get the drop on his enemies.

He is able to call in a decoy to be doing any mundane player task like looting a crate or shooting an enemy. His Passive Ability includes cloaking himself when he is knocked down while deploying a decoy.

His ultimate involves unleashing a group of decoys while going invisible to sneak around and get some free kills. One thing to note, Mirage’s active decoy skill does NOT cloak him, so make sure you use it when not in an enemy’s line of sight.

4. Caustic

Caustic is a mix between being a DPS and an AoE type fighter. He has the ability to use toxic gas traps to poison and disable enemies within the range of his clouds.

These canisters can be used to either trap his foes or even zone them out during a team fight, so he falls into a mix of a support and damage category.

His Passive Ability includes being able to see whoever is traversing through his gas. His ultimate includes a carpet-bombing like gas attack that he himself triggers. Another Passive Ability to note is his sharp edginess.

5. Wraith

Here we got our mobile assassin type class, able to slip in and out of danger zones without really taking any damage. Wraith has the ability to turn invulnerable and invisible for short time periods to run from point A to point B.

She also has the Passive Ability of sensing when enemy players are approaching the vicinity near her.

Her ultimate involves being able to open a portal that stays active for sixty seconds. Able to transport both herself and her team during that time. Apex Predator’s way of saying “I’m already Tracer” basically.

Definitely use her to sneak behind enemy lines during teamfights to flank. Her ultimate is also usable as either a quick escape or getting to a place before other teams.

6. Pathfinder

Here we have someone you should probably pick just because they are an adorable robot (call me, Skynet). However, if that is not reason enough, Pathfinder provides a great mix of support and DPS to whichever team he is on.

He is able to hack into beacons to reveal the next ring that the map will form. He is also very mobile. Able to reach multiple vantage points with his grappling hook.

If that is not enough, his ultimate involves creating a zip-line for his team to use when traversing rooftops. If not for a combat situation, definitely at least for fun.

7. Lifeline

Lifeline is somebody you will usually want in your team, and for good reason. She is the role of a combat medic. Able to provide both protection and healing.

Her abilities allow her to revive allies much faster than any other character, while also putting up a shield for good measure. Her active skill includes a healing drone that she can provide during team fights to keep her allies from dying.

Her ultimate is a care package full 0f defensive gear. If you are not going to play her, better find a friend who will.

8. Bloodhound

Here we have your team’s tracker. Bloodhound is whom you will want if you are planning more on hunting down your enemies rather than just surviving.

His Passive Ability lets you see clues that enemy players have left behind during their exploration of the map. His active skill reveals traps and other kinds of setups within the immediate vicinity.

This makes him a great counter t0 Caustic and Mirage. Lastly, his ultimate reveal cold tracks and lets you chase down and kill your closest enemy or team of hostiles. Also, he has a crow, nice.

That about wraps up everybody we will be able to play in Apex Legends. Will you be picking up the free-to-play battle royale from Respawn? Hopefully, this Apex Legends Guide helps.

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