Apex Legends Caustic Treatment Town Takeover

The latest event for Apex legends, Chaos Theory, is live and with it comes a whole slew of content, including Caustic Treatment’s Town Takeover. In this guide for Apex Legends, we’ll discuss Caustic Treatment Town Takeover and the interesting secret room inside.

Apex Legends Caustic Treatment Town Takeover

What the town takeover does is replace Water Treatment in King’s Canyon with Caustic Treatment. This new toxic locale comes with a good amount of loot and secrets for players to discover.

Accessing the Secret Room

There is a new secret room for players to find; however, there is a catch. The door to the room can only be opened by Caustic himself or Wattson. So, you’ll either have to pick those characters or make someone playing these characters open them.

Another issue with accessing this secret room is that everyone will be going for this new point of interest on the map. So, surviving all of the different players heading here will be the really tough part.

When you reach Caustic Treatment Plant, head towards its backside. Don’t use the doors to the building. Instead, you will see a vent just a level above, you can jump to it and your character will pull themselves up. Inside the vent will be a door and a control panel.

Access it with either Caustic or Wattson. This will open both the doors permanently for the rest of the game. This will ensure you and your team can get in but also any other enemy too.

This room has no special rewards yet known except for accessing computer records that will give the characters more lore.

Also, there are two terminals inside the plant. One will drain the dangerous chemicals revealing four chambers underneath with four random Gold Tier items up for grabs. But be warned, you have only 30 seconds to grab the loot and get out before the chamber refills. Also, this creates a very loud sound attracting anyone nearby, so you have to be quick and prepare to run or fight.

Ring Fury event may be time-limited, but as of yet, Caustic Treatment has become a permanent point in Apex Legends.

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