Apex Legends Bloodhound And Lifeline Editions Set For Retail

Apex Legends is free to play and can be digitally downloaded from Origin right this instant. However, come next month, the Titanfall-themed battle royale game will be testing the retail market with two physical (boxed) releases called Bloodhound and Lifeline Editions.

Both Bloodhound and Lifeline Editions will be going for $20 each on all three platforms. They will naturally include a bunch of exclusive content for you to flaunt in Apex Legends. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any point to purchased physical editions of a free-to-play game.

Descend on your enemies as an angel of death or a diabolical demon with two physical editions of Apex Legends!

The Bloodhound Edition features the Intimidator legendary skin that makes him look like a demon. The technological tracker also gets a similarly demon-themed banner called Feeling Impish, the Tormentor badge, and the Wrath Bringer legendary skin for the Prowler submachine gun.

The Lifeline Edition on the other hand features the Guardian Angel legendary skin that looks just amazing. The combat medic also gets a similarly angle-themed banner called Winged Guardian, the Angel Struck Badge, and the Chooser of the Slain legendary skin for the VK-47 Flatline rifle.

In addition, both Bloodhound and Lifeline Editions come with 1,000 Apex Coins that are enough to either purchase ten Apex Packs or a single Battle Pass. The bonus premium currency really makes the overall pricing worth it. You would normally purchase 1,000 Apex Coins for $10 in Apex Legends. Since the included skins are exclusive, any fan of the game would happily pay the additional $10 to get the entire set. This also means that you can purchase both of the Apex Legends Bloodhound and Lifeline Editions in order to get all of the exclusive content.

The Bloodhound and Lifeline Editions are scheduled to hit the retail market on October 18, 2019. This should be around the time when Apex Legends starts with its new, third season and when the new Crypto character will be added to the roster. While it hasn’t been mentioned, it would be best to secure your Apex Legends Bloodhound and Lifeline Editions as soon as possible. No telling if their stock gets cleared out on day one.

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