Apex Legends Best Team Combos and Squads Guide

Our Apex Legends Best Team Combos and Squads Guide should help you with the best squad builds with tips and tricks to help you take the most out of it.

Apex Legends allows you to make combinations of different characters to create a marvelous team for the Battle Royale combats. Between the 8 Legends, the best combination is something that can provide you with both offensive and defensive capabilities.

Apex Legends Best Team Combos

As a general rule of thumb, you should try to not only fill your group with fighters but also with tricksters and trappers. Keeping this point in mind will really help you with the game.

This combining of the perfect matches is called ‘Synergy’. Synergize Legends that you think will best complement each other in the battles. One’s ability should be a big help to the other and vice versa.

The perfect combos were picked to help you win those battles.

1. Bangalore + Bloodhound + Wraith

This is one of the best synergies that we found in the game where Wraith will warn the other Legends about the incoming danger and Bangalore will throw Smoke Grenades to stop the enemies.

We will use the Double Time to get away from there before the enemies start to shoot blindly in the smoke.

While this is happening, Bloodhound will use its Eye of Allfather to look through the smokescreen and activate its Ultimate Ability to hunt those enemies down.

Wraith can use its Dimensional Rift as well to help her and her team to get away from the fight whether they are able to win it or not, in both cases wraith will ease down your travel.

2. Gibraltar + Wraith + Lifeline

Another useful combination that will be perfect if used skillfully. If you are stuck between groups of enemies then Gibraltar is the perfect Legend for you.

He can protect your time by using the Dome of Protection and has the ability to call for a Barrage of Mortar Strikes that deals some high area damage.

If hurt here then Lifeline is on standby to help the team by healing or reviving them. The only team lacks is mobility that Wraith has covered. She can easily transfer to some other place before the fight gets rough.

3. Bloodhound+ Caustic + Mirage

I find this combination actually the most lethal combination in which Mirage can either use the Psyche Out or the Vanishing Act to deploy holographic decoys to confuse the enemies and either attack them or flee them.

Caustic will be launching its poisoning Nox Gas Grenades while attacking the enemies with its Nox Vision.

Bloodhound is perfect in this team as he can easily see and help Mirage see the enemies by using the Eye of Allfather and both can hunt down enemies.

The element this team lacks is healing but honestly, the team would only need healing if they are attacked. However, if played correctly, that should not be a problem.

4. Bloodhound + Caustic + Pathfinder

This combination is for players who want to give the enemies fatal damage from the start to the end without any delay even by a second.

Bloodhound or Pathfinder can take lead by taking a start from tracking those enemies down and then Pathfinder can easily create a Zipline to move the whole team to that location where you can create a strategy beforehand.

Caustic can initiate by bombarding those enemies with its toxic Nox Gas Grenades and attack them while they are already vulnerable inside the smokescreen.

Bloodhound, being at an advantage, with its ability to see through the smokescreen can also help Pathfinder with his ability of Eye of Allfather so all three of them can do a lethal number on the enemies by attacking them from all sides.

5. Gibraltar + Mirage + Caustic

Stuck in a group of enemies? This team can smoothly slide you out of it.

Our trickster, Mirage, can start off by pulling the attention of the enemies towards him by deploying some holographic decoys as he activates his Vanishing Act ability while Gibraltar can pull out the Dome of Protection so Mirage or Caustic both do not get hit.

Moreover, when the enemies get confused and change their direction of focus Caustic can pull out the Poisonous Grenades and trap the enemies.

While they are already vulnerable and weak as the grenades are doing damage to them, Gibraltar can call the Barrage of Mortar Strikes to end the enemy game with it.

6. Bangalore + Lifeline + Pathfinder

This combination is for players who like to play safe at all points. This team has it all covered. Pathfinder will give mobility and tracking.

Using his Insider Knowledge, he will find out the next ring location and then move your entire team to that location quickly by using his Zipline ability so you can plot a strategy against your enemies.

When the enemies approach, Bangalore can launch the Smoke Grenades to create a smokescreen that will confuse the enemies and your team can take advantage of that situation by attacking them.

In case of any harm on your team, Lifeline will always be there to heal you in no time to increase your stay in the fight and help you win them and loot your enemies in the end. This team has all, mobility, tracking, healing, and damage.

There is no way you can lose if use this team after planning carefully.