Apex Legends Sent Out A Ban Wave On Innocent Players

Whatever new updates Apex Legends' Easy Anti-Cheat received to combat cheaters just took down players for doing nothing.

Apex Legends has been dealing with a surge of cheaters lately and whatever new updates its Easy Anti-Cheat received in that regard just took down players for doing absolutely nothing.

Taking to Twitter last night, security analyst Conor “Hideouts” Ford confirmed that Easy Anti-Cheat accidentally “sent out a ban wave of false positives” during the day which took down numerous innocent players in Apex Legends. He never mentioned what went wrong with the anti-cheat but did assure that all of those false positives are being unbanned.

Last August, director Steven Ferreira revealed that developer Respawn Entertainment has “definitely put in some things” to help address the cheating situation in Apex Legends.

There was a surge in the number of cheaters during the time and many players were upset over the status of Easy Anti-Cheat. Ferreira noted back then that Apex Legends would be receiving some new tools to identify cheaters and to help keep a clean playing field. Those tools were never revealed but a team dedicated to keep cheaters in check was mentioned to be now in place.

It is possible that the false-positive ban from last night was Respawn Entertainment tinkering with Easy Anti-Cheat. The community should keep their fingers crossed that a new update to the anti-cheat wipes out another hundreds or so cheaters from Apex Legends.

Elsewhere, a PlayStation 5 version of Apex Legends was spotted on PlayStation Network earlier today. Players can currently only play the PlayStation 4 version on their new console through backwards compatibility. The spotting of the PlayStation 5 version means that a native release is in sight and Respawn Entertainment should be making an announcement soon.

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