Apex Legends 1.1 Update HotFix Brings Back Lost Player Data, Check Your Account Right Now

Respawn Entertainment has now released a patch to fix player progression problems that arrived with Apex Legends update 1.1. The developer rolled this quick fix yesterday after taking Apex servers down for a few hours.

The reported bug wiped out all of the player’s data including progress causing unrest among the community of 50 million players. It was advised by the developer to refrain from buying new items until the issue is resolved.

Respawn revealed in a recent Reddit post that the 1.1 unintentionally moved players to wrong servers resulting in players having their accounts reset and losing progression data. Luckily, all of your progression data was still safe and sound which is why they managed to successfully revert it back as it was before.

To fix the issue, the developer took down Apex servers in order to move the players back to their respective servers. This issue was first resolved on Microsoft’s Xbox One followed by Sony’s PlayStation 4, and PC.

Everything you have accomplished or purchased prior to Apex Legends 1.1 patch has been now restored.

Here’s an explanation from the team:

  • Any in-game purchases and progress acquired during the time between 1.1 going live and the fix will be reverted – levels earned, items unlocked, packs opened, and spent currency. If you continued to play and didn’t patch then this will not affect you.
  • Any currency purchased, spent or not, will be carried back over to their original account state. i.e. – if you bought $20 worth of coins, and spent $18, then you’ll will get $20 after the fix.

The above-mentioned update is now live and is not very big in size. Install it today to get your worthy player progression back.

Moreover, the latest Apex Legends update has also brought various quality of life improvements, bug fixes, and more. You finally have an option to team up with the last squad you played with. It’s going to work best within solo or duo modes that are rumored to come.

You can check out the patch notes for Apex Legends 1.1 update below.

Quality of Life

  • Additional behind-the-scenes improvements for squashing cheaters.
  • Added Mute button during the intro and Legend selection.
  • When using the Report Player button for PC, you now have the option of selecting Cheat or Other.
  • Added informative messages that appear on PC for crashes due to running out of memory or CPU errors best explained by overclocking/overheating.
  • Added better collision to the turrets on Supply Ships.
  • Stability fixes to all platforms.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the Battle Pass rewards page would not have a default item selected, resulting in a mostly blank page.
  • Fixed bug for PS4 and X1 where sometimes attempting to use a keyboard to chat could cause a fatal script error.
  • Fixed bug with Banner Cards not showing up during and at the end of a match.

Jump Pad Phase Walk Interactions

  • Octane’s Jump Pad no longer affects players when using Into the Void ability.

Apex Legends published by Electronic Arts (EA) is now available to play on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 for free. New Octane Legend has also arrived as part of the game’s Batte Pass Season 1.

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