Apex Legends Leak Shows New Character, Titans Returning?

A new Apex Legends leak might have just revealed that Titans will be making a return to the game, at least in a limited capacity. Season 9 will be giving the game a new character, who goes by the codename of Blisk. Blisk’s ultimate ability apparently gives him access to a Titan.

While Apex Legends apparently takes place in the distant future of the Titanfall universe, the game shares almost no resemblance with that setting barring Pathfinder, who is a MRVN unit from those games. There has been no parkour abilities, nor any mention or appearance of Titans.

If the leak appears to be true, however, then we may at least start to see Titans in the game again. Blisk is the same name as a character from the original Titanfall games, after all, serving as the commander of IMC forces and fighting in a Titan.

While it’s unlikely this is the same Blisk since Apex Legends takes place hundreds of years in the future, the Apex Legend leak showing off a Titan is still a very big deal for players who are waiting for Respawn to go back to their roots.

Even so, if you were hoping for a game-breaking ultimate ability, you’re in for disappointment, since the footage on Twitter just shows that the Titan in question appears to act like an automated turret, blazing away at its front for a period of time before exploding.

There’s also no indication that the leak os legitimate or not. While it certainly looks official, there’s no telling if it’s actually going to appear in the game in its current state. It could even be a Legend that was supposed to be in the game, but ended up scrapped.

If the Apex Legends leak is true, however, it will be good to see a Titan again, even if you can’t pilot it yourself. You can currently play the game on Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch, and the game will hopefully be making the jump to next-gen soon as well.