AP Stylebook Confirms How “Esports” Must Be Spelled

For as long as one can remember, there has always been a debate over the proper spelling and capitalization of the term “esports” in the English language.

Majority of folks tend to side with “eSports” when referring to competitive video games. However, over time, the terms “Esports, ESports, E-sports, E-Sports, e-sports, e-Sports, and esports” have also been birthed.

The matter becomes even more of a headache when the word has to begin a sentence. As such, the debate has always been over the capitalization of the “E” and “S” in the term, and whether the dash needs to go.

The Associated Press, an authoritative platform that defines the proper usage of grammar and style for American journalists, has finally settled the debate (spotted by PVPLive).

Present at yesterday’s American Copy Editors Society (APES) conference in St. Petersburg, Florida, a group of editors compared the term with email which once was also spelled as “eMail” and later on as “e-mail.” The following new rules were concluded:

  • Within a sentence: “esports”
  • Beginning of a sentence: “Esports”
  • Within a header/title: “Esports/esports”
  • Beginning of a header/title: “Esports”

Elsewhere, it was also confirmed that “livestreaming” and “cyberattack” are single words.

The Associated Press has accepted the changes, which have gone into effect online and will be included in the print edition of the 2017 AP Stylebook on May 31, featuring 200 new and updated entries. In the mean time, team-owners who have until now been branding their properties under “eSports” might do good to adhere to the new format.

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