Anthem’s 90-Day Post Launch Roadmap Reveals System Expansions, and More

BioWare’s Anthem is finally out and for those who are worried about its future, the developers have released a 90-day post-launch roadmap detailing what’s to come. Chad Robertson, Head of Live Service shared his vision in a new blog post by saying that “our live service has begun” as the creators want to support it for ten long years just like Destiny 2.

The latest game from the makers of Dragon Age and Mass Effect is being criticized for the lack of content which is why Chad Robertson has now laid out the road for upcoming months. Anthem road map reveals that there’s a lot more to come including new Legendary Missions, events, the Mastery System, leaderboards, guilds, new strongholds and a lot more. The roadmap also includes bug fixes, gameplay changes along with rewards and more.

You can check out the list of new things coming along with their release months below.

Anthem 90 day roadmap

February 2019

  • Freeplay Event – Outlaw Outrage
  • Freeplay Event – There Be Giants
  • Freeplay Event – Shaper Surge

March 2019

  • New Elysian Stronghold Caches cosmetics
  • New Item rewards
  • Phase One of Legendary Missions
  • New Freeplay To be Announced Event
  • Freeplay Event called There Be Giants
  • Freeplay Event called Outlaw Outrage

April 2019

  • Mastery System expanded progression.
  • New reward items.
  • Shaper Surge – Freeplay event.
  • More Freeplay events.
  • Phase 2 – Legendary Missions.
  • New Stronghold: The Sunken.
  • Social Play – New Weekly Stronghold Challenge.
  • Social Play – Leaderboards.
  • Social Play – Guilds.

May 2019:

  • More to be announced Freeplay Events
  • New to be announced missions
  • New reward items

The month of February is focused on launch support, troubleshooting of errors, bug fixes, improve loading times and more but March is when we get to try a lot of new things in the game.

This future update looks like a step towards in the right direction as Anthem is currently in a very tough situation since its launch. Anthem reviews are mostly bad and there’s a rare amount of people who recommend it to others. The game currently sits on Metacritic with 60% score which is something you don’t expect from a big AAA title.

The day-one patch of Anthem has also arrived fixing most of the issues that we saw in the demo but unfortunately, it has also brought new problems along with it. You will no longer be able to play the game in HDR on your PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X because the option to toggle it on has vanished.

By keeping the most reviews of the game in mind, it’s very hard to say that things will get any better soon but BioWare should definitely try to turn things around in the future by listening to the community instead of blacklisting them.

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