Anthem’s Loading Takes More Time Than Some Of The Missions In The Game

Anthem's loading screens a major problem for many players and the day one patch hasn't done much to fix the problem for Anthem players.

Anthem’s loading screens are an annoying issue for those trying to enjoy the experience. There are multiple loading screens between missions and areas and some of the loading screens take longer than actual missions in the game. According to a recent Tweet by YouTuber Angry Joe, one of the Anthem’s loading screens took 5 mins and 20 seconds to complete.

Meanwhile, the¬†Arcanist Ruins Contract Mission took only 4 mins and 23 seconds to complete. Angry Joe complained about the situation on Twitter and also released a rant video to discuss Anthem’s loading screens.

Anthem released to Origin and EA Access members earlier this month and came out today for the general public. There are so much grind and repetitive missions in the game that it becomes a chore after the first 5-6 hours. When the critics complained about the problems in the game, Microsoft’s Mike Yabbra came to the game’s defense and said that the critics are “whining.” The game is one of the lowest rated BioWare game of all time.

Developer BioWare is promising improvements with future updates but the flaw is in the gameplay structure. There is also an issue with multiplayer loot sharing when you are in a party. Some items you need to progress in the game aren’t divided among all of the party members, instead, it is a first come first serve situation.

Anthem is released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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