Anthem Failure Doesn’t Mean BioWare Is Shutting Down: Studio Director

EA’s Anthem is currently out and struggling to appeal to a wide of range of audience. There is plenty of criticism going around which resulted in the game having a low Metacritic score. After the failure of Mass Effect Andromeda, EA scrapped parts of BioWare and merged it into EA Motive. A lot is riding on Anthem’s success, according to many reports. The failure or even underwhelming performance in the market could mean the end of BioWare since EA is a trigger happy publisher that shuts down studios.

Now that we can see Anthem isn’t where EA would have liked it to be, there are concerns about BioWare’s future. These concerns were addressed by Michael Gamble, the Lead Producer at BioWare. According to Gamble, they are seeing tremendous support from the community and they have announced the Anthem roadmap for 2019.

EA has been struggling with Battlefield V and the Star Wars license. The company lost billions in stock after a mediocre performance of its AAA IPs. The release of Apex Legends saved the company as its stock saw a major boost following the success of Respawn’s Battle Royale game. Bioware shutdown, while is a possibility, is unlikely to happen as there are other major projects in development at the studio.

The next Dragon Age is far into development at BioWare. BioWare shutdown would mean moving the project to another studio which is something EA can’t afford at this point.

The next Dragon Age is expected to release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It’ll also most likely release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Anaconda, Xbox Lockhart.

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