Anthem World Events Locations Guide – How to Complete

You might have heard of World Events in Anthem and might be wondering what they are. In our World Events Locations Guide, we will tell you all about these dynamically-generated World Events that award you with Coins and XP for better Gear and Abilities.

Anthem World Events Locations

The World Events in Anthem can take place anytime and mostly random locations though you can still find some without exploring as they spawn at the same location. You can complete them while you are not on Missions and are free roaming the world known as Bastion.

There are a bunch of different types of World Events in Anthem which are listed below. The locations of these events are somewhat tricky. When a World Event commences, it can belong to any type and there is no pattern for predicting which one will emerge next.

The order remains random as well. Although it’s not known if the locations are fixed for these enemy types and events, we’ve included spots on the map where players encountered the said elements in the game.

1. Titans
Titans can be found at many locations and are tough to beat. However, defeating them can get you a decent amount of loot. One was found northeast of Fort Tarsis in the Great Falls Canyon.

Another was encountered at the east bank of the river near the border with the Emerald Abyss. Therefore, be sure to check out these two spots at least.

In a slightly different variation of a Titan battle, an event titled Dominion Titan; you can destroy all the equipment of a Dominion team or face a Titan if you fail to carry out the previous task.

2. Strongholds
Strongholds can be a good experience for your squad and can grant you rewards after slaying monsters or other stuff. This might be challenging too.

3. Shaper Storms
These storms change the weather around an area and can also provide wholesome loot for the squad. You and your squad can pass through the storm and put your skill to the test.

4. Shaper Artifacts
Retrieve pieces that have been scattered due to a shaper. While you are managing to collect the misplaced items, you will need to fight off the wildlife as well which will always be there in your path.

5. Scar Threat
With such an event, you are tasked with destroying a set number of stockpiles. Again, the location for these can spring up anywhere but one was found atop Watchtower of Arath, west of the Great Falls Canyon near the border with Academy Ruins.

6. Outlaw Incursion
An instance of this event has been reported by players who headed to the central part of Fortress of Dawn via the broken bridge east of the marsh.

7. Corvus Agent
This involves the either rescuing a Corvus Agent or finding an important bit of intel they left behind. If it is the rescue part, you will need to prepare to fight against any of the enemy types in the game.

These include Skorpions, Dominion forces, Outlaws or Scar groups. Protect the Agent against one of these foes and you will have achieved your goal.

The other variation has you hunting for the valuable intel lost by a Corvus Agent. After you have defeated the boss, you can proceed to collect the intel piece from the agent’s Javelin (exosuit)

8. Strider Distress
Help a Strider by moving near the location of the machine as it sends you a distress signal. Here, you will need to defend Strider against the many foes all the while Reputation airing the machine.

9. Sentinel Support
Revive a group of Sentinels who have been attacked by foes. Help them defeat the foes and then continue aiding them in their objective.

10. Skorpion Infestation
Get rid of a Skorpion hive as you destroy every last one of these critters in a set region to make life easier for the other people.

World Events Locations

As mentioned above, the locations for these events are not fixed and you will have to explore to come across them. With that said, you will most likely find one in the region you play in, as these are numerous and are riddled evenly around the map.

However, you are still likely to find some decent events and rewards associated with them by heading around one of the regions listed below:

  1. Academy Ruins: Combat focused missions and also shaper artifacts objectives.
  2. Eastern Ranch: Events located to the extreme north and south at the cave.
  3. Fortress of Dawn: Mostly Skorpion hives in the south.
  4. Grand Falls Canyon: Majority of events can be found here including Titan battles.
  5. High Road: Northwest and central regions have decent amount of events.
  6. Monument Watch: Boasting a good number of Titans located here.
  7. Valley of Tarsis: It is only second after Grand Falls Canyon when it comes to both the area of the landmass and the number of events you can take on.

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