Anthem Tyrant Mine Stronghold Walkthrough Guide – How to Complete, Puzzles, Boss Fight

Our Anthem Tyrant Mine Stronghold Walkthrough Guide will help you learn all about completing the Stronghold, solve puzzles, and defeat the boss at the end.

Our Anthem Tyrant Mine Stronghold Walkthrough Guide will help you learn all about completing the Stronghold, solve puzzles, and defeat the boss at the end.

Anthem Tyrant Mine

Going through Strongholds is a great way of gaining XP in Anthem while practicing new and creative ways to take down enemies. Tyrant Mine is the first Stronghold that the game grants you access to.

In Tyrant Mine, you and your team of Freelancers have to venture deep into enemy territory to stop the Scar from using acid in their weaponry after Corvus tasks you with finding out how and why.

We have prepared this Tyrant Mine Walkthrough Guide with a few tips about the best way to approach this.

First Relic

Follow your marker and head towards the location of the First Relic that is on the right side of the opening area. To silence it, you need to collect eight Echoes then bring them back to the pool beneath the Relic.

The first two spawn low but you will have to traverse for the others while fighting off hordes of enemies. The two types of enemies that you will encounter are shielded soldiers and Skorpions.


Area-of-effect attacks such as Electrical ones should be effective against both. Collect the eight echoes and place them onto the device to silence it then fly onwards to the second relic.

Second Relic

This one is a bit trickier than the last due to the abundance of turrets that are set up on high vantage points so taking them down should be your first priority.

There are four in total with two of them on either side of the new area so moving around the left side of the canyon and disabling the turrets one by one is the smart option.

You can damage their armor with Acid and Fire. Be sure to pick up all the Echoes you stumble upon while moving along the area.

You can pick up eight after dealing with the turrets but the other four will be in cages that you cannot access until you defeat the Gatekeeper. The best way to beat him is to use Fire and Acid attacks.

Once he is down, he will drop a key that you can use to unlock the Echoes, drop them off at the Relic and unlock a new chest of loot.

The Shaper Relics

Follow your objective marker underground until you drop to a platform with three new Shaper Relics. You have to hunt down six pieces (two for each of the three).

You will encounter Bugs and then later some more Scar but a lot of these can be ignored. After collecting all six fragments, the shaper relics will vanish and you must stand on the platform to open the door by charging the signal.

However, at this point, Skorpions begin to spawn and flood up the walkway leading to your platform, and balls of lightning will appear in the air so flying is not an option.

You must stay on the platform as you work your way forward. Have some members of your squad focus their fire on the lightning balls (these rapidly regenerate so be quick) while the rest of them fight off the Skorpions.

Using the Storm Javelin’s freeze combo will slow down enemies and bash attacks will knock them on their backs for a bit. Keep at it until the meter has filled then the enemies will automatically vanish.

The Swarm Tyrant

Follow the tunnels and then drop down to the big area where you will encounter this massive Swarm Tyrant.

Do not take this boss lightly as it can almost one-shot you with its huge area-of-effect. The chamber is filled with acid so watch yourself and aim for the four yellowish areas on his sides since shooting these will result in more damage.

Bursting one will cause the Swarm Tyrant to fall over so take this opportunity to deal some extra hits to it.

After you do enough damage, it will retreat into a hole in the roof and one of the tunnels around the room will start filling with Skorpions. Take them out and then the Swarm Tyrant will return and instantly kill anyone it runs over.

Keep repeating this until you win and you will automatically get loot so enjoy your new toys!