Anthem Twitter Account Is Active Again, Offering A Cryptic Tease

Almost a year after the Anthem Twitter account went inactive, it now is back up and active with a tease. The game itself is facing a delay, pushing it back to 2019, however, the tease might be a precursor of amazing news regarding the upcoming title.

Anthem is one of the most awaited Electronic Arts titles, bearing a lot of expectations along with its name. Fans may have been laying low about the game for quite some time now but its Twitter page is now active and is offering a cryptic tease.

It reads “Decoding” in three lines of “image interference”, which kind of reminds us of the booting up stage of a mech suit, bearing a face display. Imagine a screen booting up in front of you with the display interference degrading in a few seconds. What else could it be?

What the tease might be about is something related to E3 2018. Anthem is expected to be showcased at the event, as this is the best time for the game to be shown in detail before it gets released in March 2019. What all fans are worried about is the appearance of microtransactions in Anthem, however, Electronic Arts reassured us and let us know that they’ve learned their lesson in that matter.

In related news, EA’s Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen has said that Anthem will likely not just impact this year, but also the coming year, and he hopes that the game will be even more successful as the Anthem live services start to roll out.

BioWare’s Anthem is in development and it will be most likely released in March 2019 for Xbox One and PS4. We are looking forward to getting to see more of it in about a week when E3 2018 kicks out.

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