Anthem Tombs of Legionnaires Walkthrough Guide – How to Complete, Trials

This Anthem Walkthrough Guide has been carefully crafted to help you solve the quest: Tombs of Legionnaires in Anthem. This quest consists of solving multiple Tombs and their respective Trials to be rewarded handsomely.

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Anthem Tombs of Legionnaires Walkthrough

There are 4 total Tombs that you need to complete to successfully complete all the Tombs of Legionnaires. These Tombs include Cariff, Gawnes, Yvenia, and Artinia.

Of course, finding these Tombs on your own will be quite a tough task. You will also be needing to enter the Freeplay Mode to play these Tombs. Luckily enough, for you, we have written all about that below:

How to Enter Freeplay

Here is a simple way to enter Freeplay in the game:

1 Head over, and enter your Javelin.
2 Press Enter/A/X on your controller when you’re on the Launch Mission screen.
3 You will enter the Map. Select Freeplay here.

1. Tomb of Cariff

This is the first Tomb of the four Tombs. Completing this tomb is really easy too, so you don’t have to worry about much. Here is a list of things you need to do to complete this Tomb:

Condition Detail
Complete 3 missions Complete any type of 3 missions.
30 Gear Defeats Defeat enemies with your respective abilities.
15 Combo Triggers Use Combo Triggers 15 times.
3 Multi-Kills Obtain a Multi-Kill 3 times. A Multi-Kill will only count if you kill 8 people within 10 seconds.

You can find the Tomb of Cariff in the northern-most region of Emerald Abyss. After completing these Trials, head there.

2. Tomb of Gawnes

The Tomb of Gawnes is basically the second Tomb in the game, and demands only kills from you. Offer it enough blood to calm the ancient spirits of the long forgotten.

Condition Detail
50 Melee Defeats Kill 50 enemies with a Melee weapon.
50 Ultimate Defeats Kill 50 enemies with an Ultimate ability.
3 Legendary Defeats Kill 3 Legendary enemies.

Tomb of Gawnes can be found between the “FO”rtress of Dawn, right in the middle of “FO”.

Tomb of Yvenia

The Trial of Yvenia focuses entirely on learning to survive, scavenge and grow. This Tomb’s Trial will need you to collect collectibles, loot Treasure Chests, Harvest Plants, and repair Javelins.

Condition Detail
Loot 15 Treasure Chests Open and loot 15 Treasure Chests.
Harvest 25 Plants Harvest 25 plants that may be scattered throughout missions.
Repair 3 Javelins Javelins are your friends. Just revive your friendsthree times.
Collect 10 Collectibles Collect 10 Collectibles. A Collectible is a green mark.

This should take you no more than 2-3 hours, and most of the time will go into collecting the collectibles. This Tomb is located to the southeast of Academy Ruins.

Tomb of Artinia

The Tomb of Artinia is the final trial in the Tombs of Legionnaires. Of course, it is also the toughest among the four. The only difficult part about this Tomb will be finding and completing World Events.

Condition Detail
Complete 5 World Events Take a part in 5 limited-time World Events and complete them.
30 Weapon Defeats Defeat 30 enemies with any of your Weapon.
15 Weak Point Defeats Shoot 15 enemies on their weak points and defeat them with critical hits.
9 Elite Defeats Defeat 9 Elite enemies.

You can find the Tomb of Artinia in a gulf northwest of Fort Tarsis.

Anyways, this is the full guide on Tombs of Legionnaires in Anthem. Be sure to take a look at our other Anthem Guides if you need anything else.

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