Anthem Tombs Challenge Guide – How to Complete, All Challenges

Our Anthem Tomb Challenges Guide will help you learn all about completing all the Tomb Challenges in Anthem, their rewards, and walkthrough.

The main story of Anthem throws many challenges in your way and one of these is the multi-objective tomb trials of Legionnaires that are tedious and a tad bit tough.

With that said, we will detail all steps and provide viable tips along the way so you can carry out these Tombs Challenges at your earliest.

Anthem Tombs Challenge

The world of Anthem is filled with several diverse challenges and missions for the player to tackle. Some of these you can find simply by exploring while others are only available for a limited time as missions.

We have prepared this guide with the locations of these challenges, along with solutions to some of the ones that players tend to face issues in completing. There are 10 categories of challenges:

  • Path to Glory
  • Factions
  • Expeditions
  • Exploration
  • Gear
  • Weapons
  • Feats
  • Combat
  • Javelin
  • Freelancer

Many of these involve simply using a certain weapon for a few missions, visiting locations or gathering items but tasks related to upgrading your Javelin will require more effort.

You can view your current and completed challenges in the Challenges tab of your cortex.


Daily, Weekly and Monthly Trials can be found near Lucky Jack in Fort Tarsis. Feats are available to earn once per and are a great way to earn XP while increasing your Freelance Reputation.

Players seem to be having trouble with the Multi-Kills challenge that requires you to kill eight enemies then attack another group after waiting ten seconds.

You cannot get help from your team since the kills need to be done by you. We recommend saving your Ultimate moves for larger hordes of opponents. Repeat this step 20 times to finish the challenge.

Tomb Challenges like the Tomb of Yvenia require players to find and search through at least fifteen Treasure Chests. Once again, it will not count if a teammate opens one for you.

If you have trouble interacting with the Tombs, exit Freeplay then revisit the Tomb again to see if it is fixed. If you cannot open the Tomb door, then check the Challenges tab to make sure you have met all the criteria for the challenge’s completion.

Luckily, there has been a new update that allows players to earn progress in the Finding Old Friends and Tombs of the Legionnaires missions upon reaching Level 3.

Now Multikills and Treasure Chests opened earlier in the game count towards their completion.

Each of the four different ancient tombs will have a set number of traditional challenges and completing them will allow you to gain access to the chamber of these tombs and collect your well-earned rewards.

The locations of the tombs will be made visible on the map once you acquire the quest from Legionnaires. Here are the descriptions just for clarity:

  • Tomb of Cariff: Under the ruins of the Sanctuary of Dunar
  • Tomb of Gawnes: At the base of the waterfall.
  • Tomb of Yvenia: In a cave south to the river.
  • Tomb of Artinia: Within the plain field.

Even if you have not acquired the quest but lie at Javelin Power level 3 or more, completing the associated tasks with Legionnaires’ challenge will contribute towards the quest.

This means if you are worked hard enough and explored the world to engage in most of the activities, you might even finish the quest as soon as you obtain it as you have already met all the requirements of the mission.

To check the progress you have made for these challenges, ranging from three critical stages: find the tomb, complete the challenges, and enter the tomb, open up the Journal Menu.

Here, navigate to Critical Objective and then subsequently under the Freeplay category for the “Tomb of the Legionnaires” mission.

Below, you will find a complete breakdown of all objectives specific to the tombs you will be unlocking.

Tomb of Gawnes

Melee Defeats (50)
Eliminate 50 enemies using your melee attacks. You can also perform jump melee attacks but the Interceptor’s special ability won’t count.

Ultimate Defeats (50)
Eliminate 50 enemies using your Javelin’s Ultimate Ability. Since size does not matter here, you are advised to target smaller and weaker enemies, preferably in groups, rather than taking on boss enemies since that will consume time.

Legendary Defeats (3)
Eliminate 3 Legendary Enemies by any means. These are the boss-type foes that resemble the Titans, so they are hard to miss and can be encountered while roaming the world in Freeplay.

Tomb of Cariff

Missions (3)
Unlike the other requirements, you will be required to complete three missions only AFTER you have grabbed the quest for the Tomb Challenge. Expeditions are easier, so it will be fitting to go for those.

Gear Defeats (30)
Using the special equipment on your Javelin, apart from the weapons, you will need to perform 30 eliminations. Use the L1/LB or R1/RB or Q and E buttons for the respective controller.

Combo Triggers (15)
Perform 15 Combo Triggers on foes by first inflicting them with a primer ability and then following up with a detonator ability.

Multi-kills (3)
Perform 3 multi-kills using your weapons. For this, you will need to eliminate 3 enemies in quick succession (less than 5 seconds) to secure a multi-kill. It is best to go with explosives for this kind of job.

Tomb of Yvenia

Treasure Chests (15)
Open 15 Treasure Chests riddled around the world, solely. You can find these via World Events, in Strongholds or just by exploring the environment.

Harvests (25)
Obtain 25 different species of materials from the environment. These include plants, minerals, and ores that will serve as ingredients for crafting weapons and equipment.

Javelins Repaired (3)
Simply revive your teammates 3 times in total. This could be just one particular teammate or 3 different ones that will need to be revived once.

Collectibles (10)
Grab 10 pieces of intel from the environment. These including glowing glyphs on the walls, documents or notes lying around on the ground, etc.

Tomb of Artinia

World Events (5)
Complete 5 World Events that are marked as purple icons on the map.

Weapon Defeats (30)
Eliminate 30 enemies using any weapon.

Weak Point Defeats (15)
Kill 15 enemies by shooting at their critical or weak points. These are normally headshots for the majority of the foes you will encounter.

Elite Defeats (9)
Eliminate 9 Elite Enemies. These are higher level, boss-type foes that are accompanied by a shield bar.

Complete all these challenges for every tomb, and you will have finished Legionnaires’ Critical Objective in its entirety.

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