Anthem Temple of Scar Stronghold Walkthrough Guide – How to Complete, Puzzles, Boss Fight

Our Anthem Temple of Scar Stronghold Walkthrough Guide will help you learn all about completing the Stronghold, solve puzzles, and defeat the boss.

Strongholds are Anthem’s ideas of the dungeons in many popular RPGs including World of Warcraft and Destiny. Thanks to the difficulty level of the enemies here including the formidable boss enemy at the end, you will be rewarded handsomely.

This comes in the form of both loot drops from the foes and valuable items from the treasure chests. Below, we will be discussing the Temple of Scar Stronghold in Anthem and how you can breeze through it.

Anthem Temple of Scar

The final mission in the game’s campaign, titled “Return to the Heart of Rage” when completed gets you access to Temple of Scar stronghold. Before we delve into the particularities of the mission, it is important to take note of a few things.

Clearing all the enemies within a stronghold is not necessary. This is true to all strongholds.

Although these foes may award you with high-tier loot, it is often better to come back again once you know the ins-and-outs of the region. You can always return to grind for XP later on.

Ignoring enemies that do not stand in your way, you can navigate quickly through the objectives and finish the stronghold with considerably less effort.


Therefore, now that’s out of the way, here’s a complete breakdown of all the objectives you’ll need to carry out from first stepping into the stronghold to facing the boss enemy.

The Entrance of the Nest

As you are about to enter the cave, you will be tasked to destroy three turrets while fighting a swarm of Scars. Here, fire and acid attacks will do additional damage while Ranger combos will also come in handy.

After destroying the turrets, look for the six red-glowing alarms that sound off immediately to alert other enemies. Get rid of these alarms by shooting at them and then prepare to fight more enemies including a tough foe, the Gatekeeper.

Defeat him to grab the key to enter the Temple of Scar.

Gaining Entry into the Sewers

Once inside via the opening, you will need to turn the power on if the door in front of should operate. You can do this by collecting fuel cells that are riddled throughout the compound, in this specific region.

Do note that you cannot fly while carrying the fuel cells so assign the task to at most 2 individuals in your group. The rest can take care of the horde of enemies that you will encounter.

Here, a formidable foe, the Legendary Scar enforcer with the shield will spawn, so focus fire on him.

Once you collect the 3 fuel cells, proceed to the gate and activate it. Now move through and to the tunnels where you will encounter even more Scar enemies. Moreover, there are also landmines here so be wary.

Your goal would be to clear through the locked gate at the end of this level to gain access to the sewers area. To do so, you will need to pick up and plant 5 explosives near the gate.

Of course, the game will not make this a walk-in-the-park, as you will constantly be surrounded by a wave of enemies. To deal with them in the most effective manner, use Storm or Interceptor’s ice combos or the Colossus’ shield charge.

Work with combos and you will deal with the enemies much easier.

After dealing with the enemies, set off the charges and you will blow open the gate to proceed into the next area. Destroy the four turrets as described in your objective while battling out the enemies.

Move towards the large vault door where some enemies will be guarding the entrance. Deal with them to move through, across the bridge and into the final room where you will fight the boss enemy of this stronghold.

Scelos Boss Fight

Scelos is one of those enemies that have both a good offense and defense, so can be quite a pain to deal with. When you first encounter him, you will need to get rid of that armor by focusing fire at his legs.

Although you will weaken his defenses, it will not be for long as three giant fans or shield generators that can insta-kill you if you get closer. These will extend a shield around Scelos making him invulnerable to any damage.

To disable the generators, shoot at the glowing blue spots, preferably with a fast-firing weapon like an LMG so you can get your team’s attention back to Scelos as soon as possible.

The attacks that Scelos sends your way and the ones that need to be avoided at all costs are the turret attacks that have quite some range and the insta-kill lock-on laser attack.

You can dodge both of these or if you are playing as the Colossus, utilize your shield to guard against these moves.

Moreover, you’ll also need to deal with the adds that spawn here as well including Legendary and Elite Scars, so it’s always advisable to take cover utilizing the environment whenever you feel like you’re low on health and need to get things back together.

Focus fire on Scelos’ legs again since behind the armor, you will reveal his vulnerable spots to deal with critical damage.

At every set value of his HP, Scelos will spawn the shield generators so you will need to engage in the reiteration of the process.

By avoiding his damaging attacks, focusing fire on his weak points and destroying the shield generators as soon as they emerge, you will be victorious in the fight and grab the final piece of loot that you have worked hard for.

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