Anthem Storm Class Builds Guide – Aoe, Destruction, CC Builds, Recommended Loadouts

The Storm Javelin in Anthem has quickly become a fan-favorite for its amazing abilities, unique traits, and stylish looks. It is one of the best classes in Anthem to play with when soloing and is highly effective in team play as a caster.

Anthem Storm Class Builds

In this guide, we will look at three main builds for the Storm Javelin in Anthem. The primary focus is on team play, but the first two builds are also highly effective when playing solo.

The Storm is heavily reliant on components to get the best out of it, so you will have to be patient and ride the difficulty curve initially, especially when playing solo.

Once you get the best components though, you will be causing death and destruction like no other Javelin could even dream of.

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Storm AoE Build – A Javelin of Ice and Fire

  • Blast Seal: Ice Storm
  • Focus Seal: Burning Orb
  • Support Seal: Quickening Field


If George R.R. Martin plays Anthem, he is probably packing with a build similar to this one. This build for the Storm Javelin features powerful AoE mechanics thanks to the combination of its AoE Primer and AoE Detonator.

The Ice Storm ability will act as the Primer here, freezing foes in an area of effect. Burning Orb will then be used as the Detonator for huge combo damage.

This build is designed to take out large mobs in one go. It is particularly good against mobs without shields. In fact, it is not the ideal build if you are looking to destroy shields often; lightning builds are far superior for that.

On harder difficulties and closer to endgame though, you will want something that can easily take out large mobs to focus on the more challenging foes. That is where this build for the Storm excels.

Since you will be hovering to dish out the damage from your abilities, the Quickening Field is important for extra defense here. This build works well both for soloing and as the spell caster in a team.


The Storm Javelin is generally heavily reliant on its abilities to deal damage, so you will be using weapons sparingly with this class. In fact, weapons will be used primarily as tools that boost your stats with the Storm.

For this build, you want weapons that can give you improved shields, with passives that greatly reduce the recharge time of your abilities. Look for weapons that increase ice and fire damage, specifically the latter as that is your Detonator ability. Your Q (Blast Seal) is the ability with the largest cooldown, so equip weapons that will greatly increase Q speed so you can use your combos more frequently.


Components should comprise of stats that boost your Gear damage, improve ability speed or cooldown, and lower incoming damage.

The importance of pure armor reinforcement is not as important, so make sure you prioritize the aforementioned stats over actual armor reinforcement value.

Storm Destruction Build – Ride the Lightning

  • Blast Seal: Lightning Strike
  • Focus Seal: Frost Shards
  • Support Seal: Quickening Field


This build is more focused on target bosses and harder enemies for priming, then devastating them and the mobs around them with a Detonator. Your Primer ability in this build will be the Frost Shards from the Focus Seal.

Although this ability usually works well for damaging single targets, it can be used over a crowd to freeze multiple targets as well. As a result, this build works effectively against both crowds as well as single targets.

The best situational use of this build is to focus on the most threatening foe in a large crowd. By using Frost Shards, you can prime the main foe for a combo from either your own Detonator or a team member’s.

Once primed, the Lightning Strike Detonator can deal insane damage to the primed target as well as devastate the mob surrounding it.

With the correct components and supporting weapons, this is one of the highest damaging combos you can create not just with the Storm, but overall among all four classes.

It is particularly powerful in destroying shields because of the electrical damage from the Lightning Strike.


Once again, weapons will act supplementary here. The focus should be on weapons that greatly increase electric damage, as that is your main Detonator.

Lightning Strike has a long cooldown as well, so make sure your weapon increases the regeneration speed of your Q.

Since you will be hovering most of the time with this build to get the best accuracy with your Lightning Strike, you should also consider weapons that increase damage while hovering.


The components you choose for this build should revolve around increasing elemental damage, mainly freeze and electrical damage. Perhaps the most important aspect of this build though is to greatly reduce the recharge time of your abilities.

Lightning Strike has a long cooldown, which can leave you waiting around for a while until both your offensive abilities are available. This build, therefore, relies heavily on powerful components that greatly increase Q speeds.

Storm CC Build – The Frost King

  • Blast Seal: Ice Storm
  • Focus Seal: Glacial Spear
  • Support Seal: Wind Shield


This storm build is designed to focus on targeting the most powerful enemies with your abilities. Although Ice Storm is suited well to dealing with groups, the Glacial Spear ability (which will act as your Detonator) is a single target skill.

Dealing with bosses and the toughest enemies is easy with this build. If you are playing solo, the build can be a bit difficult to manage with, but it is ideal for organized team play.

You can constantly prime crowds with Ice Storm for your other teammates to take out, while reserving Glacial Spear for only the most powerful enemy in a group.

For bosses, this build excels. Prime the boss with your Ice Storm and Ultimate, and then use Glacial Spear for an insane amount of damage.

Thanks to Storm’s AoE Combo Effect, the damage from the combo of Ice Storm and Glacial Spear will also spread to surrounding enemies.

Because you will be hovering at the back and mostly dishing damage to the most powerful targets, you will be acting as offensive support for your team.

Wind Shield is excellent in this case, especially since Glacial Spear essentially behaves like a long-range sniper ability.

Hovering will leave you vulnerable, so any time you are overwhelmed while targeting the most powerful enemy; you can conjure the Wind Shield. It also doubles as a great way to recuperate and revive fallen allies.


For this build, you want to be packing a powerful Sniper Rifle that can support your Glacial Spear for long-ranged damage.

Because of the relatively lengthy cooldown of the Glacial Spear, you will need to use your weapon frequently to deal damage in between.

The weapons should have high frost damage stats on them to greatly increase the damage you do with your abilities.

Additionally, try to equip a weapon that increases the damage you do while hovering, as you’ll need to high vantage point all the time for accurately landing Glacial Spear every time.


Components that increase single-target damage, greatly increase your shield and greatly reduce cooldown time of your both your abilities. Glacial Spear’s cooldown time should be your priority with components.

Therefore, you should consider components like Elemental Empowerment and Ice Inscription. Elemental Synergy also works effectively here to increase the damage you will do from the Ice Storm ability.

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