Anthem Social Hub is Called ‘Launch Bay’ And Supports Up to 16 People

Anthem will have a Social Hub where players will be able to communicate, dance, hang out and basically anything a video game Social Hub should be able to do.

BioWare originally gave off the feelings that Fort Tarsis may be the game’s hub system, but that isn’t the case, apparently.

Michael Gamble, the Lead Producer, tweeted recently that Launch Bay will be used to “Hang out with your friends, use the forge, reload and grab a new contract”.

Launch Bay is a feature that wasn’t originally planned but was implemented due to player demand via community feedback. From what we could gather from the tweet, apparently, Fort Tarsis won’t be the place players would hang out with other players.


The Launch Bay will be limited to 16 players, apparently. It would be interesting to know whether the player limit will be on the party or the whole server. Like, you can only invite 15 other people to your Launch Bay and that’s it? Or if you would be able to roam in a moderate scaled Bay and find 15 people to play with. ryancentral has stated that you will be able to meet up with random people.

Originally teased a little while ago, Fort Tarsis is supposed to be very similar to The Tower from Destiny.

To be more precise, players will be able to interact with NPCs in Tarsis, accept missions and listen to their stories. There will be branching narratives and experiences, classic BioWare move.

Of course, we are still skeptical about the game’s story mode, considering how Andromeda and Mass Effect 3 went, but the anticipation is great.

Launch Bay will not be available on the VIP Beta/Demo, so if you wanted to test this feature, you would have to wait until February 22nd to find out.
If you have pre-ordered the game, and wish to test it out, BioWare has released the preload of the game’s Demo version. Oh, and you can invite up-to 3 friends to play with you too, regardless of whether they have purchased the game or not.
You can pre-order the game on EA’s webpage.

Of course, we will have to wait and see how the game actually turns out when it releases. Anthem is set to release on February 22nd, on PC, Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4.

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