Anthem Side Missions Walkthrough Guide

Side Missions are an essential part of Anthem. Our Anthem Side Quests Walkthrough Guide has been carefully crafted to help you solve each Side Quests as easily as possible.

Anthem Side Missions

This guide will be as precise and short as possible, allowing you to get a better experience of your game and not get distracted by irrelevant data. Without further ado, let us begin:

1. What Freelancers Do

Talk to Yarrow to get this quest, once you have received the quest jump into your Javelin suit and begin the tasks. Starting off, you will be required to head to the first Work Site, where you need to help Arcanists activate a device.

Once activated, the device takes some time to finish charging the signal. You will have to face off threats while staying by the signal to charge it.

After the signal is activated, head over to the second Work Site. Here, you are required to first locate the Arcanists with the help of the compass. You will need to defeat Scars in order to get to the missing Arcanists.

Deal with them and you will find the Arcanists held in a cage. Interact with the panel to open the door and free them. Investigate the equipment once you have cleared the site of enemies.

Head into the tunnel by following the marker and you will have to defeat a couple of more Scars.

2. See in the Dark

Talk to Matthias to get this quest, once you have received the quest jump into your Javelin suit and begin the tasks.

Head to the Research site where you will encounter Wolven. Clear the area of the Wolven nearby. After that locate and examine the Arcanist Marker.

You will need to collect 12 echoes and bring them to the Shaper Relic. While you collect these, you will need to clear out Scars nearby. Because some of the Echoes you need for the Shaper Relic are locked behind cages.

In order to be able to interact with them, you need to first defeat the Scar Leader to unlock interactions with the cage’s side panels.

Once all 12 echoes are collected, defeat the Skorpions that spawn around the Shaper Relic. After that head to the Arcanist Marker and activate it. The final task you are required to do is to collect 6 Runes. To find the Runes just follow the Markers.

3. A Cry for Help

Talk to Yarrow to get this quest, once you have received the quest jump into your Javelin suit and begin the tasks. The mission requires you to follow a distress signal by Strider.

Approach the area. Upon your arrival, you will see that Wyverns will be circling the Strider when you arrive. Need to take them out and save Strider. When you have dealt with the enemies, check on him.

Strider will tell you to collect some tools. Use Your Compass to locate and retrieve these Tools for Diggs. After this, you will face Lesser Ash Titan, when you are inquiring the ambush site.

One of the Lesser Ash Titan’s favorite attack to throw out is to strike the ground, releasing a ring of fire that expands around it.

Coming into contact with it will not only damage you but overheat you as well. In order to avoid these, just fly upwards and hover to avoid the rings of fire.

It also loves to throw glowing fire orbs at you that will apply a burning debuff in addition to damaging you. You can dodge these by hitting the evade button right before they hit you.

Take care of the titan then, Retrieve the Strut, and deliver it to the Strider. After that, you are required to defend Strider from Wolven.

The fiercest of them are the frost Wolven, they have the ability to freeze you when they attack, leaving you vulnerable to the rest of the pack’s attacks. Keep your distance when facing them and you should be good.

You will also be required to defeat the Ursix. In order to take him out quickly, focus fire on his head, because the head is his weak spot. Another thing to look out for, are the rocks thrown by Ursix.

Ursix occasionally will throw rocks at you, especially if you are engaging him from a range. Look out for them, as they deal a substantial amount of damage. Defeat the Ursix and then check with Diggs regarding the repairs.

4. Tempting Target

Talk to Yarrow to get this quest, once you have received the quest jump into your Javelin suit and begin the tasks. Travel to the Research camp and eliminate all the Hostiles in the area. Use Your Compass to search for the clues at the camp.

After that, eliminate more hostiles inside the Shaper Ruin. While, in combat, look out for laser pointing at you. The Outlaw Rocket Trooper will telegraph its attacks by aiming at you with a laser.

Once you are targeted, head for cover the nearest cover, otherwise you will be knockout over by the forceful attack.

Now, deliver some echoes to the echo lock. Keep in mind that your Javelin can hold 3 echoes at a time when delivering echoes to the Echo Lock.

Try to gather as many echoes as you can before heading back to the Echo Lock in order to open the door faster.

After that, you will have to solve a puzzle. Interacting with the seals on either side of the corridor will change their symbols. Change the symbol on the left to yellow, and the symbol on the right by the door to purple to unlock the door.

When changing the symbols to unlock the door, hover to stay in the air. This will buy you more time to change symbols and review the symbols to see if your input was correct.

However, keep in mind that the corridor is completely rigged with mines and getting too close to one will not be good for you. However, you can trigger them safely by shooting at them from a distance, or fly over them to avoid explosions.

Solve the puzzle to unlock the door, head inside you will contact the Arcanists, followed by an attack from the outlaws, and take care of them.

Keep an eye out for the Fire-Faced Kerns, who is equipped with a Storm Javelin that hurls fire elemental attacks at you. Eliminating his shield will cause him to fall to the ground, and leave him vulnerable to your attacks.

Successfully defend yourself and take out all of the opposition. After this, you can head back to the Fort Tarsis, where you will have a final chat with the Yarrow and your mission would have been completed.

5. A Simple Job

Talk to Sentinel Brin to get this quest, once you have received the quest jump into your Javelin suit and begin the tasks. Start by reaching the Shaper relic in the Sentinel Base and interacting with it.

Fly to the basses’ Generator and repair the injured Sentinels in the area. You also face some Scars here. Defeat the scars and return to the base, where you will encounter some more scars.

Once the base has been cleared, fly to the Shaper relic and pick it up.

Now, follow the marker to a safe location and drop the relic onto the marked spot. Gather 4 fragments with the help of the compass at the top of your screen.

Gather all 4 and drop them into the device by interacting with it. When all Fragments are collected, take down the remaining Scars in the area to complete the mission.

6. Ancient Footsteps

Talk to Matti to get this quest, once you have received the quest jump into your Javelin suit and begin the tasks. Now, look for the runes by following the radar.

The runes will be on walls so they are pretty easy to spot. Activate the rune once you spot one. Collect 6 runes and then head to the next location in the Iron Serpent.

Follow the same steps in the new location, follow the radar and collect more ruins. Keep a close eye on the arrow, because some runes in this area can be pretty hard to spot.

If the arrow is pointing up, the rune is above you, and vice versa. You will also be facing some hostiles along the way, so watch out for them too.

Next, look for Maur’s signs and watch out for Skorpions while you are doing so. Upon activation of the vault, green spherical objects will appear throughout the area.

Fly through these as fast as you can since failing to collect these on time will reset the vault. Meanwhile, defending the vault until it’s unlocked.

Now, return to the surface and rescue Matti from his attackers, as well as outlaws attacking the Strider. Look for the battery, again using the radar indicator and place it on top of the Strider. That will conclude the mission.

7. Tell Me Maur

Talk to Sumer to get this quest, once you have received the quest jump into your Javelin suit and begin the tasks. Get to the Outlaw camp and eliminate all the scars there.

Next, search the camp for clues. After that, fly off to the next location and eliminate the scars there.

Keep an eye out for hunter scars. You can deal with them by breaking their shield. This will cause them to fall from mid-air to the ground where they can be finished off easily.

Another threat to look out for are the Outlaw Elementalist, shoot at them to break their shields so you can prime them for a powerful combo attack.

When you are done with the hostiles, interact with the recording to find out what happened and search the area for the Arcanists. Find another clue in the area to get the signal for your next location.

Reach the next location, the Arcanist site, where again you have to defeat a bunch of enemies.

Clear the base, inspect for the Arcanists and then head to the Outlaw base. Where you will have to destroy some equipment to draw out the final boss of the area, the Mysterious Figure.

While taking care of the equipment, ideally you might want to get all the turrets first. Because the outlaw turret bases will constantly fire at you so it is best to bring them down first.

Aim for the control behind at their backs or their base to cause them to explode.

Naturally, when you are done, the Mysterious Figure will come for you. The Mysterious Figure is basically an enemy Freelancer using a Ranger Javelin.

It has strong Ranger moves so use your primer & detonator moves, even your Ultimate Ability, to bring its HP down fast. He will also be able to regen its shield over time, so it is best to deal with him as swiftly as possible.

8. A Favor to Ask

Talk to Yarrow to get this quest, once you have received the quest jump into your Javelin suit and begin the tasks. First, you will have to locate the first Memorial site and clear out 12 Predators.

After that, you will need to light the fire at the Memorial. The same needs to be done at the Second Memorial, but before you can light the fire there, you must retrieve 4 links.

When retrieving the links, you can use your compass located at the top of your screen to lead you towards the Javelins. Since the links are not outlined until you get very close to them, the compass is handy in this situation.

Retrieve the links, light the fire and make your way to the third Memorial, to repeat the process.

At the third Memorial, you will have to retrieve some stolen equipment, before you light the fire. Again, the equipment will be marked out on your compass as yellow icons. Keep an eye out for these, as you need to retrieve 3 of them.

Light the fire and clear out the enemies, then finally honor Yarrow’s request in the Solarium Court to complete the mission.

Preventative Precautions
Talk to Sumer to get this quest, once you have received the quest jump into your Javelin suit and begin the tasks. Proceed by traveling to the base and clearing it out from the nearby scars.

Then, fly off to the next scar base, where you will have to locate 3 salvage piles. The easiest way to locate the 3 Salvage piles is to use your compass. The compass at the top of your screen will tell you which direction the pile will be.

Once you have defeated the scars, fly further into the cave to find Shaper relic. You will encounter some scars here – defeat them. Then, you are required to search for 3 Shaper relic fragments.

Again, make use of the compass, to make you work easier. Finally, put the fragments in the transporter to finish the mission.

9. Overdue

Talk to Yarrow to get this quest, once you have received the quest jump into your Javelin suit and begin the tasks. Traver to Strider’s last known location and search the area for striders tracks.

You can spot the location of the Strider tracks by taking a look at the on-screen compass at the top of your screen. The green lights will tell you which direction to go. You will have to find 4 of them.

When you have inspected the tracks, you will find strider inside a building, head inside to examine him.

Once inside, you will have to face a few scars in the area, take care of them and rescue the Arcanists from their cages.

After that, follow the tracked signal until you have reached another group of scars, take care of them as well, and then proceed to destroy their hive that pops up.

Finally, enter the bunker and investigate it. Explore the bunker and interact with the Stolen Goods until the Scar Leader, Voraxes appears.

Voraxes the Swarming’s weakness is hidden behind his armored legs. Shoot them down first to reveal his soft spot that can quickly bring down his HP bar when hit. Defeat him and the mission is completed.

10. Bad Deal

Talk to Yarrow to get this quest, once you have received the quest jump into your Javelin suit and begin the tasks.

Travel to the site of the outlaw auction and investigate the sites. Outlaws will also ambush you while you are investigating so keep your guard up.

Complete the investigation and locate the actual site of the auction, where you will have to eliminate a few more outlaws. After that, recover the 3 fragments, with the help of the compass and defeat the scar buyer.

Lympkin is your primary target. He is a Scar Enforcer that will spawn as you fight the Scar. He has a shield that can absorb damage but moves relatively slow compared to other enemies.

This will let you get behind him easily and deal damage there. Next, get the Dominion buyer.

Kresky is the primary target. He is an enemy that owns a Storm Javelin. He will constantly be floating above the battle hurling elemental attacks at you.

Deplete his shield that will cause him to fall to the ground, and unload your firepower on him while he is vulnerable.

However, he will not be alone, several Frost Hounds and Frost Brutes will spawn alongside Kresky. Their attacks will have a chance to freeze you, leaving you vulnerable to other attacks.

Keep a safe distance to avoid being inflicted with the Frozen status. Kill him and collect your reward.

11. Elysian Secrets

Talk to Erryl to get this quest, once you have received the quest jump into your Javelin suit and begin the tasks. The, follow the marker to travel to the mission location and eliminate the Wolven you encounter there.

After that, proceed to investigate the pillars and solve the puzzle.

If you are playing with other people, it will be easier to solve the pillar puzzles as they can do the solving for you. If not, check the areas around the pillars for clues on how to solve them. These can be found on walls, floors, etc., near the pillars.

Now, Charge the signal of the device. The best way to do this part of the mission fast is just staying in the vicinity of the signal to make sure enemies are not able to interfere with the progress.

After that, pick up the stone and place it on the pedestal, repeat the same process a stone on 4 different locations.

Finally, go back to the mechanism to charge the signal. Meanwhile, Brutes will spawn to halt your progress. Hold them back until the signal is fully charged. Once the signal is charged, the box will unlock and the mission will be completed.

12. Enemy Mine

Talk to Sentinel Brin to get this quest, once you have received the quest jump into your Javelin suit and begin the tasks. Travel to the last known location of the Patrol and destroy the Scar Hives there.

Scar Hives are small structures with drills on top of them. Prioritize destroying these structures to halt the spawning of enemies in your area. After destroying the Hives, you can eliminate the rest of the Scars without new enemies spawning.

Destroy the hives and proceed to search for the Beacon Trail. Locate the Scar Mine, find and use the explosives to open the mine entrance to gain access to it.

Now, clear the area and enter the mines. Explore the mine and repair Sentinel Barr, explore some more and you will be tasked to collect the Signets of Brin’s comrades.

During this section of the mission, your top priority is to collect the Signets. You can opt to not engage enemies in combat while collecting Signets to progress the mission faster.

Finally, you will be tasked to defeat the Legendary Enforcer and Ursix in the mine. The Legendary Enforcer shares the same traits with other Enforcers. Get behind it to deal massive damage to its backside.

As for the Ursix, its weak point is at its head. However, shooting at that area will make it more aggressive towards you. It is recommended to use powerful weapons to quickly bring down the Ursix before it even has a chance to attack.

Defeat both the adversaries and find the last sentinel to complete the mission.

13. Secrets of the Fauspex

Talk to Matti to get this quest, once you have received the quest jump into your Javelin suit and begin the tasks. Travel to the Auspex location in Lover’s Spring. Place the Transmitter in the marked location and defend the area against Brutes.

After that, collect 8 echoes scattered in the area and deliver them to the marked area. To save time, make sure to collect 3 echoes at a time so you do not have to go back and forth and to complete the objective with as minimal trips as possible.

Now, retrieve the Auspex and carry it to the marked location where you have to place it and defend it from the enemies. Next, pick up the Auspex and bring it to a location called The Bowl.

Since you are tasked to bring the Auspex quite far which restricts flight, an Interceptor can bring the Auspex quickly by stringing dodges and jumps to gain speed.

Again, place it here and defend it from enemies, keep in mind that this is a respawn-restricted area, so there is no coming back once you are dead.

After beating a certain number of enemies, the Symposium Agent will appear, defeat it to complete the mission.

The Agent of Symposium pilots an enemy Storm Javelin. It is heavily shielded, so it is best to take out its shield quickly with a high-powered weapon like the Devastator, or electricity and ice abilities.

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