Anthem Ranger Javelin Guide – Weapons, Gadgets, Grenades, How to Play

In Anthem, you will be playing as a Freelancer, going out to explore the world and fighting your enemies armored in the Javelin exosuits leaving the player in total awe and rushed with the heart-pounding experience.

You will be playing with Ranger, one of the Javelins in the game until you reach Level 12 and after that the other three Javelins, Colossus, Interceptor, and Storm will be unlocked.

Anthem Ranger Javelin

All the Javelins are unique in their abilities and are capable of very different things than each other. You can always choose your favorite but not before you try all four.

Here is some information on Ranger; every player would be starting initially with this Javelin.

Ranger is the most flexible and facile Javelin but still complicated in its own way. It is considered the best Javelin for defense after Interceptor and can even perform a double jump.

Having a set of unique abilities like all the Javelins it is a marvelous and maneuverable Javelins.

Every Javelin has to slots for weapons. Ranger can equip weapons like pistols, shotguns, grenades or assault rifles though can’t wield heavy weapons like a rocket launcher or flamethrower, those can only be carried by Colossus Guide.

It is heavily armored so does not take full damage.

Its abilities include single target damage and high area of effect damage and have high mobility making it easy for you to dodge your enemies and attack for their recovering.

The Javelin is useful in eliminating big targets for your team and can detonate combos that deal with high single target damage. Known abilities of Colossus are listed down below:

Ranger – Melee Ability

The Javelin has Shock Mace melee ability deals electrical damage by sending a high amount of voltage on single target if hit from the ground and gives high area damage if you shoot by coming down on the ground from and slamming it.

Grenade Abilities

Grenade Effect
Frag Grenade Explodes, dealing with high area damage and damaging everyone in the blast radius.
Inferno Grenade Sets area on fire, dealing damage to enemies over time who remain in it.
Frost Grenade This grenade damages and freezes enemies in place leaving them open for attacks and combos.
Seeker Grenade Single grenade divides into sub-grenades that track the nearby enemy locations.
Sticky Grenade Sticks to enemies on which it is thrown on and detonates. Use it for high-value enemies.

Assault Launcher Gear Abilities

Ability Effect
Homing Missile Seeks out enemies and explodes on impact.
Energy Pulse It blows the enemy with a blast of kinetic energy.
Spark Beam Shoots a beam of energy for continuous damage over time.
Venom Darts Fires off A barrage of acidic darts on enemies.
Blast Missile A single missile is fired off which deals with high area damage.

Support Gear Abilities

Ability Effect
Bulwark Point Creates a spherical shield around you and your team that deflects the incoming fire towards you.
Muster Point Deploys a field that increases weapon damage for the teammates who enter that field radius.

Ultimate Ability: Multi-Target Missile Battery

A volley of missiles is launched against targeted enemies. You can hit single targets or a group of enemies, or you can unleash it on the boss. No matter how you want to use it, the number of missiles will remain constant.

Ranger does not really give high area damage but its versatility with the needs of the team proves its outstanding support for the team.