Anthem Ranger Class Builds Guide – Sniper, Melee, Crowd Control Builds, Recommended Loadouts

The Ranger Javelin class in Bioware’s Anthem is the one you saw before any of the other classes. Acting as the reference class and a jack-of-all-trades, this highly balanced Javelin is ideal for all styles of play.

Anthem Ranger Javelin Builds

In this Anthem Ranger Guide, we will look at three builds for the Ranger class. The Ranger is extremely versatile and highly underrated because it was used as the reference class in all Anthem trailers and demos.

Still, the versatility and reliability of this class should not be underestimated. It is also a very beginner-friendly class since it relies more heavily on weapons than other classes.

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Ranger Long Range Build – From a Distance

  • Grenade Gear: Sticky Grenade
  • Assault Launcher Gear: Venom Darts
  • Support Gear: Muster Point


This build for the Ranger Javelin gets the maximum benefit out of the class’s Combo Effect. The Ranger combo effect is one of the most powerful for targeting the toughest enemies, and this build is designed for that very purpose.

In fact, the Ranger primarily excels at dealing damage to single targets instead of multiple ones like other classes, so it is prudent to design your entire build based on that.

The Sticky Grenade is an excellent single target Detonator, arguably one of the most popular ones used by many Ranger players.

You will want to initiate with your weapon from a distance, targeting the most powerful and heavily armored for. Launch Venom Darts straight at the toughest enemy in a group to prime it, and then hit it hard with a Sticky Grenade.

If you are up against a shielded foe, the Ranger’s excellent Mace Melee Primer is a great substitute, but this build is designed for long-range combat, so we suggest using your melee attack sparingly and only in situations when you are surrounded.


Ranger is the class that is the most reliant on weapons for main damage. For this build, you will want to pack a Sniper Rifle and an Assault Rifle.

The Sniper Rifle will be your main long-range weapon, whereas the Assault Rifle is ideal for when enemies get a little closer. Since the Ranger is so reliant on weapons, we highly recommend you try for Masterwork Weapons.

Ideally, you want ones that minimize cooldown on your Sticky Grenade.


Since the Ranger is so dependent on its weapons, you will want the Masterwork version of Firearm Calibration Core to get the best out of it.

Grenadier Inscription and Assault Augment are also a must, and you should try for a Masterwork version for at least one of them.

We also highly recommend Ranger Combo Augment for this build, as you will be looking to combo enemies from long range.

Ranger Melee Focus Build – Bludgeon Everything

  • Grenade Gear: Frag Grenade
  • Assault Launcher Gear: Seeking Missile
  • Support Gear: Muster Point


The Ranger is designed to use its weapons heavily and rely on certain Gear abilities to trigger combos. It is not as combo intensive as the Storm or the Colossus though, but what makes the Ranger unique is its versatility in range.

The first build focused on long-range combat, but this build focuses on close-range combat with the Ranger Javelin. One of the Ranger’s most unique traits is that its melee attack acts an electrical Primer.

This build focuses on this very trait to get the most out of the Ranger from close range.

Both the Frag Grenade and the Seeking Missile are Detonators, which means you will either rely on your teammates to prime targets (ideally a Storm Javelin) or do it yourself with the mace.

The latter is particularly an excellent idea against shielded opponents, as the electrical priming from your melee attack will deplete shields, setting enemies up for deadly combos.

As a result of this aggressive, in your face setup, this build will require taking some risks. You will want to stack up on as much shields and armor as possible for this very reason. Since the Ranger is designed to take down one enemy at a time, we recommend always going for the most powerful foe in a mob. The build might struggle against certain bosses because of the close-range requirements when soloing though but works exceptionally well in Strongholds when playing with teammates.


Since you will be dealing damage from close range, you want to equip your Javelin with a Shotgun and an Assault Rifle. The Assault Rifle will act as the main weapon from medium range.

The Shotgun will be the weapon you use most frequently though since you will be using the melee attack as your sole Primer.

We highly recommend a Masterwork Shotgun that increases the recharge speeds of both your Detonators so you can melee and unleash combos as frequently as possible.


For this build, you want the Masterwork Ranger Combo Augment for your combos, Masterwork Grenadier Inscription to greatly reduce cooldown time of your Frag Grenade, and Masterwork Advanced Circuitry to increase your melee damage.

In addition to these, you should also consider equipping at least one additional Masterwork component to give you the massive armor and shield values you will need for extra survivability.

Ranger CC Build – Rinse and Repeat

  • Grenade Gear: Frost Grenade
  • Assault Launcher Gear: Pulse Blast
  • Support Gear: Muster Point


We gave you a build for long range and one for close range. Now, we are looking at a build for mid-range combat with the Ranger.

Midrange is where the Ranger excels the most, and the playstyle associated with this range of combat can be considered the “reference” playstyle in Anthem.

By now, we have already established that the Ranger Javelin class is primarily designed to attack single targets. This class is excellent at a lot of things, including detonating combos against the toughest enemies.

This midrange build utilizes frost damage from the Frost Grenade to freeze enemies completely still. Once primed with the Frost Grenade, Pulse Blast can be used as a Detonator for a devastating combo.

Alternatively, you can choose to use your melee ability after freezing enemies for additional damage, and then follow it up with the Pulse Blast.

What makes this build so brilliant is the fact that its combo can be practically spammed in quick succession.

With a weapon that increases Q and E speed and a few smart components, it is possible to unleash a combo every few seconds with absolute ease.

Using these two Gear abilities with a powerful Assault Rifle will have you dealing damage without any break.

Although the damage from this build will not be as much as what the Colossus and Storm can dish out with a combo, the frequency of the combos allows you to destroy enemies at a rapid rate.

This makes it ideal for playing solo, as it greatly circumvents the Ranger’s lacking ability to target multiple foes.


For this build, we recommend using the most powerful Assault Rifle you can find. Make sure your Assault Rifle has Q and E speed increase stats to make it easier to spam the combo.

The secondary weapon is up to you. We prefer to run a Sniper Rifle for picking out enemies from afar.


To maximize the damage of your combo; you should consider a Masterwork Convergence Core. This will make your Ultimate do slightly less damage, but it is a worthwhile tradeoff, as your Pulse Blast will be greatly boosted.

You can further improve the damage of the Pulse Blast with an Assault Augment.

Additionally, you also want Grenade Inscription and Firearm Calibration Core to maximize the frequency of the Frost Grenade use and enhance your weapon damage respectively.

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