Anthem Puzzles Solutions Guide – Rotating Pillar, Barrier Puzzle, Matching Symbols

Anthem features an array of different puzzles that you must solve to progress through the game. Our Anthem Puzzles Guide will help you with solving all of them.

Anthem Puzzles

Anthem’s Missions and Expeditions are filled with elaborate puzzles and tasks that you will need to complete. This Anthem Guide will cover 3 missions in particular i.e. Hidden Depths, Vanishing Act, and Triple Threat.

If you have found yourself stuck at any of the puzzles in these missions, the guide will help you progress.

Hidden Depths – The Rotating Pillar Puzzle

In this mission, you have to find the Elysian Manuscript to help Matthias the Arcanist. The puzzle will require you to match pictures on rotating pillars to pictures found around the cave.

1. Finding Six Arcanist Runes
Once you reach the tower, you have to collect six Arcanist runes. These are blue glowing sigils that the radar below your compass will guide you to them. Do this a bunch of times and fight off waves of enemies while you guard an Arcanist marker.

2. Activating the Locked Door
Fight off the Skorpions inside the chamber and you will find yourself facing the first rotating pillar puzzle. Stand on the platform with the pillars and you will spot the symbol on the cave wall directly ahead. The left one will be a little to the left near the ground.

3. Disable the Barrier
After venturing further into the cave, you will come face to face with a Titan. You will have to fight it off to complete the next rotating pillar puzzle.

This time there are four pillars. The first symbol is on one of the columns on the left and the other one is on another column in the distance.

On the right side directly behind the pillars, the first symbol is hidden, while the second is on a column to the right. This will complete the second puzzle and you can get the manuscript.

Vanishing Act – Matching the Symbols

This puzzle requires you to match the symbols on the rings. Match the symbol in the center with the same symbol on the second ring, third ring, and fourth ring.

Whatever the center symbol is, you need to press the button when the second circle has the same symbol on it so that it and the first circle cross meet up. Do the same for the other symbols as well.

Triple Threat – Unlocking the Barrier

Talk to Matthias in Fort Tarsis. He will give you the quest to find the Manifold he needs for his research. Then just climb into your Javelin to start the Expedition. We would recommend a Colossus since you would be facing the Dominion.

Towards the end of the Expedition when you reach the chamber with three identical flying members of the Dominion, defeat them to get to the Manifold.

The barrier around it will be disabled with the help of your squad by having each member interact with a gate until they are all unlocked. This is done by matching the lock to the corresponding icon.

The barrier will then deactivate and you can deliver the Manifold to Matthias and it will trigger a cutscene that marks the end of the Expedition.