Anthem Progression and Leveling Guide – Pilot and Javelin Unlocks for Each Level

Being an RPG at its core, progression and leveling up in Anthem is crucial for unlocking new abilities, weapon slots, consumable capacity, and even new Javelin classes to play with. Here is a breakdown of all the rewards associated with each level you reach and how you get there.

Anthem Progression and Leveling

The Progression System in Anthem lies under two main categories. These are for your Pilot and your Javelin.

Both Progression Systems are independent of each other and function differently. With that said, certain abilities that are purchased for the Pilot are automatically applied to the Javelin as well.

As for the exosuit, gear components are obtained as loot by completing various tasks, challenges, and missions throughout the game.

The rarity of the loot and the contents inside is, as you would reckon, tied to the difficulty and complexity of the mission undertook.

All of the individual pieces of gear on your exosuit including the Helmet, Shoulder Pads, etc. contribute to an overall Gear Score which will determine which tasks you can undertake so unlocking new missions is directly tied to your Gear Score.

The abilities, as mentioned previously, can be purchased once the specific spots open up for the pilot or his Javelin.

The effects of these skills range from increasing the time spent in the air with the jet to damage output with a certain weapon to even reducing cooldown time on other equipment or ability usage.

Below, you’ll find listed all the unlocks and rewards for each level you reach in Anthem by earning XP for your character. Do note that the Level Cap is set at a maximum of Level 30.

Level Unlocks
Level 2 Javelin Unlocked, four options provided to choose one from: Storm, Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor
Level 4 Weapon Slot Unlocked
Level 6 Basic Component Slot Unlocked
Level 8 Consumables Slot Unlocked
Level 10 Support Slot Unlocked, for cooperative abilities in battle
Level 12 Javelin Unlocked
Level 14 Minor Component Slot Unlocked
Level 16 Major Component Slot Unlocked
Level 18 Consumable Slot Unlocked
Level 20 Javelin Unlocked
Level 22 Basic Component Slot Unlocked
Level 24 Minor Component Slot Unlocked
Level 26 Consumable Slot Unlocked
Level 28 Javelin Unlocked
Level 30 Major Component Slot Unlocked
Level 30 Grandmaster Level achieved for “Hard” difficulty mode to earn additional Trophies/Achievements

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