Anthem Masterwork and Epic Blueprints Unlocks Guide

From useful abilities that help traversal and exploration easier to powerful weapons that can change tides in battle, Anthem blueprints are the key to all viable unlocks which you will need as you progress onto the higher levels in the game. Here is how you unlock and craft desirable items via these Epic and Masterwork blueprints.

Anthem Masterwork and Epic Blueprints Unlocks

To harness the power of Masterwork and Epic level weapons, you will first to need to simply acquire the weapon the location for which is completely random and cannot be determined.

On your travels, you will come across many foes and unlock chests, so there is a decent enough chance you will earn the weapon as loot. Once you have done so, a challenge associated with it will emerge.

You can view the description for it in the game’s Main Menu in the “Challenges” tab right beside the “Journals” category.

Most of these challenges, if not all, will require you to eliminate 10 Legendary Enemies before you can acquire the blueprint and thus craft the weapon in question.

After you have obtained the blueprint and gathered the necessary Crafting Materials, you can craft the firearm over at The Forge.

Majority of the time, the required ingredient would be Masterwork Embers that can be obtained as loot via the different missions and challenges as well as the Treasure Chests riddled around the world of Anthem.

The same procedure is followed for Masterwork Gear though this time around the requirements for unlocking the blueprints differ.

Again, every gear’s challenge, as far as we have discovered, requires 35 Missions or World Events to have been played on any difficulty.

Although this a bit of a grind, you can carry out any mission be it the Daily Challenges, Expeditions, Contracts or Stronghold Events, as long as they are completed on one of the two difficulty levels mentioned.

Stronghold Events are highly recommended since not only these are tied to acquiring Masterwork gear’s blueprints but these missions will generally award you with Legendary-tier Weapons and gear that you can later upgrade and enhance to Masterwork Level.

Re-rolling Masterwork Equipment

Although Masterwork is a tier higher than that of the Epic level, the stats associated with a weapon or gear will be randomized and as a result, may not suit your current build.

For this purpose, you need to hold onto the blueprint as it will be crucial for re-rolling the equipment if the desired outcome is not achieved.

Therefore, basically, you can keep crafting the weapon or gear as long as you have the blueprint and the required ingredients, so you get the perfect (or close to it) stats that will be suitable for your build.

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