A Lot of Anthem Javelin Suit Details Have Been Shared Thanks to Mark Darrah

If we can nail down to one thing that seems to be stealing the spotlight over all the other Anthem details, its those amazing Javelin suits. Ever since they made their appearance at the E3 2018 conference, fans over the internet have been obsessed over them. How will they work, what will we be able to do, what won’t we be able to do? What will others suits have, that we won’t? so on and so forth. Lucky for you guys, the executive producer of Anthem, Mark Darrah has addressed series of questions, asked by the fans about the game.

BioWare’s Mark Darrah recently has been quite active, on his Twitter account mainly because he has been answering a lot of fan queries. Although a lot of details that have been laid out by him are known to us since those were highlighted at E3 2018 still, he did give away some new information regarding the game, and especially those Javelin suits.

The most useful information that Darrah has revealed, has been handpicked and made available to you. Having said that, you can also reach out to his official Twitter account and take a deep dive into all the other details, as well.

  • No gender variations for the Javelins (the mech suits players travel and fight in)
  • Each of the Javelin types are unlocked via separate missions
  • All Javelins have the same movement speed outside of combat
  • There is a chance that loot for other Javelins will drop that is different than the one you’re wearing
  • There will be fall damage
  • There is a weather system, (which might also influence the use of Javelins)
  • There are rewards for exploration.

These are the details that refer to the Javelin Suits, other details include;

  • An inventory system, but you cannot change the load when out in the field
  • Characters are fully voice acted
  • There will be paid cosmetics but no pricing info or how the system works is available yet
  • No plans for crossplay at launch
  • There will be a skill and point unlock system and players can respect
  • No dialog system when out in the open world
  • Controller, mouse, and keyboard will be supported on PC
  • There will be a colorblind mode
  • There may be, loot underwater
  • Revive will take a few seconds and anyone can revive a fallen player, even non-party members
  • No trading at launch to preserve balance control
  • There will be a character customization option at the start of the game
  • Preorder items will be given to players right after completing the tutorial
  • No PC system specs are ready yet

Putting all that into context, one of the most anticipated question was answered recently, that will there be Aerial duels with the enemy Javelins in Anthem, to which Mark Darrah said that, there will not be any Aerial duel with the enemy Javelins.

That said, Anthem is slated for February 22, 2019, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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