Anthem Leveling Guide – Reach the Level Cap Quickly, Xp Farming Tips

Leveling is one of the most important aspects of Anthem because it has a major impact on your gameplay experience. Your Pilot Level determines all the things like your Strength, Weapons, Power-ups, and even the amount of Javelins. This Anthem Guide will provide an overview of the different ways through which you can earn XP fast and level up quickly in the game.

Anthem Leveling Tips

Powering yourself through the game’s campaign. This is the most basic way to level up. By completing Story Missions, you will learn new things about the characters, unlock various weapons, and gear for your Javelin.

All of this will lead to you getting more XP and there are plenty of Story Missions for you take advantage of.

1. Complete Contracts

You can accept Contracts from different people in the Fort Tarsis.

Completing these provide you with XP, loot, and gear while being entirely optional. If you have the time to spare, consider freelancing as a means of gaining XP by helping citizens who wish to Travel, Trade, and Conduct Research out in the wild.

2. Reinforcing Strongholds

This is the most effective method of gaining EXP and leveling up fast in Anthem. This is because, during Strongholds, you have a lot higher chance to get item drops and on a higher level.

The best Stronghold is actually the second one i.e. “Temple of the Scar” as it has two Treasure Chests, boss drops, and other potential drops from enemies.

You can use an interesting trick to speed up the process. Once you reach a good enough Pilot Level, increase the difficulty before “Reinforcing Strongholds” as this will yield greater XP.

3. Feats/Challenges

These are Challenges that revolve around killing enemies in different ways.

Although you do not get Anthem XP from killing enemies directly, killing huge numbers of enemies with your weapon or performing headshots at one time will provide with bonus XP.

4. Freeplay

This is a slow and simple way of leveling up fast in Anthem. Explore Bastion and see what different activities you can engage in order to power level through the game. You can gather resources for crafting and compete with other players in different events.

All in all, you can level up in Anthem very quickly if you just keep yourself focused on finishing the toughest tasks you can find in the most creative ways you can think of.