Anthem Javelin Unlocks Guide – How to Unlock Colossus, Interceptor, and Storm

In Anthem, players are Freelancers who will be armored in Javelin exosuits. The suits carry some great armor, abilities, and technology to fight heart-pounding and thrilling battles with your enemies.

Players are provided with their first Javelin at the start, after the end of the Tutorial. For anyone, it is best to start with something light, but no less than the other Javelins, the Ranger.

Anthem Javelin Unlocks

If you really want to get a good grip on the Javelins and do not want something harsh and uncontainable at first then starting off with the Ranger is the best you can do.

This Javelin is the most versatile Javelin and will give you some knowledge on what you are about to deal with next.

To unlock the Javelins in the game, you do not have to deal with anything tricky or do some *Side Missions*. Just continue with your story and ascend levels and you will unlock your second Javelin at Level 12.

Your third and fourth Javelins will be unlocked at Level 20 and Level 28 respectively.

You will not be given any specific Javelin out of Storm, Colossus, and Interceptor. Players can unlock the Javelins by their choice. However, it would be best if you do not settle on one without trying them all.