Anthem Japanese Discord Server Gets Deleted, Is Bioware Going Incognito?

A Reddit user recently shared screenshots of the Anthem discord server of over 500 players in Japan shutting down. Their reasons? One was that nobody actually used the server for multiplayer itself. Another was that Anthem didn’t seem to be improving anytime soon which was just a powerful shot fired at Bioware. They’re not exactly wrong though.

Here’s the Reddit post that brought up the incident as well as the screenshot they shared right here:

We already know that fans all around the world were really regretful of spending real money on Anthem and supporting the shitshow that Bioware provided.

Furthermore, Bioware did say they would stick to Anthem in a statement from not very long ago. I’m not sure just how long they plan to take in actually making progress on the game.

It’s not even an issue of features being buggy or glitched, it’s an issue of them literally missing. The game feels so empty at times besides the aimless flight that I’m not even surprised people have more or less abandoned the discord server in Japan. You know how the Japanese are about their video games.

Bioware hasn’t been talking lately about Anthem or the criticism that the game has been facing. This makes me think that they’re starting to ghost themselves out. Wanting to slip under the radar and inevitably escape the fire of a lot of pissed off fans.

Why wouldn’t they want to disappear? After all, they were very adamant on not becoming a meme either. Anthem has arguably become the same meme of the gaming world that Fallout 76 was last year. GG Bioware, you outdid Bethesda somehow.

You can also point the finger at EA for the disaster since they were the ones that decided Bioware should move to multiplayer in the first place.

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