Anthem Inscriptions Guide – Gear Stats and Damage Types Explained

Anthem Inscriptions are the bonuses on your weapons. These Inscriptions boost the stats of your gear. Every Anthem weapon has these Inscription slots in them.

Gear that is common or uncommon has less Inscription than Masterwork Gear and Legendary Gear.

The Inscriptions can boost the health and ability to deal with the damage of the player and the flight time of your Javelin.

Your usage of Inscription increases with your game level hence as you reach closer to the end game, you will be able to use more than one Inscription at a time.

Anthem Inscription Blueprints

To get your desired Inscription, create the weapons that you want to acquire. To create those weapons, you need Blueprints. These Blueprints are rewarded when you finish your challenges.

Blueprints for items of less Inscription or rarity are easier to find than finding Blueprints for Masterwork or Legendary Gear. The higher the Inscription of your gear, the rare will its Blueprint will be. The items in this game are classified as:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Masterwork
  • Legendary

Blueprints for Common and Uncommon are easier to find than for the other items. To find Blueprints for Masterwork and Legendary, you need to complete Harder Missions.

After getting the Blueprints, it depends on the rarity of the Inscription that whether or not it will be hard to craft the material.

You need to collect ingredients like Chimeric Components, Parts, and Embers for the Blueprints of Inscriptions you want and then you can craft them.

Masterwork and Legendary

The difference between Masterwork and Legendary Gear in Anthem is that Legendary is rarer and have a higher Inscription than Masterwork given us better stats for the weapons.

Some Masterwork Gear is just of a higher level than the other but of the same type.

The gear has unique abilities and takes time to be crafted. High Inscription on this gear gives the player advantage and higher power level. To use some of the Masterwork or Legendary Gear, you need to have a specific Javelin as well.

Consumable Slot

To craft your material, just add Inscriptions to the Consumable slot you wish to acquire. Earlier in the game, you can only use one Inscription at a time but later as you reach a higher level like 30, you’ll be able to use up to 3-4 Inscriptions.

To use the Consumable slot, head on to the Mission Select Screen and choose the Consumable tab.