Anthem Hidden Place Locations Guide – How to Complete Explorer Challenge

There are several Hidden Places in Anthem and some of them are very tough to find. Luckily, we have found a lot of these locations and with the help of our friend Paint 3D, we will try to help you find the same locations too.

Anthem Hidden Place Locations

Hidden Places are one of the several fun points about Anthem. You can find and explore Hidden Places in Freeplay Mode of the game.

Of course, Hidden Places are really fun to explore if you find them for the first time. You will be handsomely rewarded for entering and beating these locations.

Most of the Hidden Places in Anthem are caves or insides of buildings, and can only be entered through one door/walkway. There are basically two ways you can complete any of the Hidden Places in the game:

  • Defeat all the Enemies
  • Defeat the Boss of the Location

Helpful Tips

Most of the Hidden Places can only be accessed through one entrance.
Any person, including your friends, can join you when you’re inside a Hidden Place.
To complete a Hidden Place, you need to defeat all the enemies inside.
You’ll be rewarded after you complete a Hidden Place.
Hidden Places are marked by an entrance made of rocks sign.

Hidden Places Locations

Here are some of the Hidden Places we have found in Anthem, in no particular order. Do note that since we do not want to spoil the game for others, we will not be telling you how to complete each of the places. Anyways, here we go:

The Dungeon
In the northwest corner of the map, just to the west of the Fortress of Dawn, The Dungeon should be hidden. This Hidden Place is a bit difficult to find.

The Hollow
To the northwest of the Grand Falls Canyon, you will find a large Scar camp. To the exact west of this location should be Hidden Place titled The Hollow, on the other side of the cliff.

The Shrine
The Shrine can be found to the extreme east (and just a little south) of The Shrine. It should be just at the bottom of the large rock at the location.

The Mandible
To the east of The Hollow, this Hidden Place should be somewhere inside the large Scar Camp that you took the west turn from, originally.

The Necropolis
Just a little west of the East Gate, there should be The Necropolis. This Hidden Place will be filled with Outlaws, so be careful once you enter.

The Sovereign Mine
The Sovereign Mine can be found to the direct east of Ruins of Shadowmark, just near the waters. Be careful though as this place is loaded with extremists from the Dominion.

The Vault
Just a slight west of The Sovereign Mine, atop the cliffs, The Vault is a well-hidden location. You will find the entrance very tough.

The Core
To the east-ish of The Sovereign Mine, there should be a small mountain. Climb up the mountain and you will find a path beyond the mountain that is heading down the mountain. Here should be the hidden location titled The Core.

The Foundry
Head to the Emerald Abyss and you will find The Foundry just slightly north of Emerald Abyss. Be careful though, this location may contain some story-related spoilers.

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