Unseen Anthem Gameplay Footage Shown In Paris Games Week Livestream

Although we already knew that Anthem gameplay is coming in November. It seems like we’re in for some Anthem footage a little earlier than expected. It came out as only a part of the Paris Games Week event which wasn’t as much anticipated.

This footage was nothing less of a pleasant surprise for Anthem fans. Because nobody would want to miss out on unseen footage of Anthem. Moreover, getting hold of a 20-minute video of Anthem gameplay is a cherry on top of the icing on the cake.

Furthermore, Bioware also revealed details about Anthem characters and builds. Also, game development of Anthem has reached the alpha stage only for now. Still, the footage shows that the game is in fine shape, nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Lead Producers of the game also plan to live stream Anthem for Halloween in a few days. Bioware believes that focus on the gameplay rather than Anthem’s plot is “invigorating”.

Developers also seem to tackle the toxicity issue in Anthem. Bioware has adopted a proactive approach toward this problem. Melee builds in the game are also reportedly an extension for the interceptor.

Bioware promotes Anthem storyline as a shared world multiplayer experience for building relationships. Yet gameplay focuses on being a story-driven MMORPG. Additionally, there’s plenty more to know about the upcoming EA game.

As the release date of Anthem is set for February next year there are some ways to play the game early. Along with that, there’s plenty more to know about the upcoming EA game as well.

Moreover, combat style in the game is a core part of its gameplay too. Anthem combat styles are dependent on each user’s own style of playing. Bioware might have given a playable shape to Anthem but they still have many things to sort out till its launch.

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