Anthem Flying Guide – Hovering, Keeping Thrusters Cool, How to Fly Longer

Exploration is a big part of Anthem as it allows you to gather useful items, navigate regions, earning XP, leveling up, and becoming a more menacing force in the process. With that said, you’ll need to know the basics i.e. utilizing the full power of your Javelin’s flying abilities. In our Flying Guide, we delve deeper into this Anthem mechanic.

Anthem Flying Tips

In BioWare’s Anthem, you can fly around vast open-world to complete missions and whatnot. Flying makes it very easy to move around and can be an important asset in combat as well.

Flying can be of very much use in combat as it can help the players to ascend to higher grounds and strike the enemy from above flying can easily help you reposition yourself.

Different Javelins have special abilities while in flight. Some can even bring up a shield mid-air. There are three modes of flying. You have to select the speed not according to your playstyle but by checking the environment.

If you are in a tight spot with walls like a cave, you should not select Full Throttle as you might crash into the walls. Hover is a great ability to avoid this.

If you are in Full Speed and see a wall coming up ahead, you can press the hover that will make the Javelin stop at that point. This is helpful in making hard turns too.

Cooling Thrusters and Flying Longer

Flying longer is also a technique that is very useful. Flying for a longer time span can be done through a number of ways.

Flying has a Heat Gauge in the game and if it gets full, you will automatically go down to the ground. However, there are ways through which you can slow this up.

Firstly, you have to keep in mind the amplitude if you higher up where there is lesser air then you will heat up more.

In addition to this, going down makes your Heat Gauge cooler so the way is that you go straight then go down to cool down, then go up a bit, and straight repeat this repeatedly to fly for longer period.

Another way of making sure your Heat Gauge does not heat up more is whenever you pass a river of waterfalls dive into them. This will one of the best ways of cooling your Heat Gauge.

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