Anthem And Fallout 76 Developers Should Stay Quiet, Says Sean Murray

Sean Murray, head of Hello Games, has some advice for BioWare and Bethesda, the Anthem and Fallout 76 developers.: Shut up. Hello Games is responsible for the release of No Man’s Sky, which had a highly controversial launch before Hello Games almost dropped off the map, feeding lots of speculation.

Many people believed that Hello Games had shut down without telling anyone, but over the last few years the studio has proven them wrong, and has improved No Man’s Sky dramatically to the point where the game actually has a sizable amount of players again. Murray believes that BioWare and Bethesda could use a similar reaction.

Both Anthem and Fallout 76 were critically blasted on their launches for a lack of content and a huge number of glitches, made all the worse by various corporate statements that the teams were improving, and multiple livestreams (that in Anthem’s case actually showed the devs being bored).

Considering how No Man’s Sky looked after months of actually working on the game rather than constantly attempting to talk their way out of how bad it was, Hello Games might have something here. If the Anthem and Fallout 76 developers can’t talk their way out of public opinions on a bad game, it’s likely better for them to shut up and commit to fixing it.

While Anthem hasn’t really had any improvements since it launched back in February, Fallout 76 has made at least one big step by announcing at E3 that NPCs would be added to the game, a classic feature of Fallout that had been missing when 76 first launched in favor of consoles and robots giving out quests.

That, plus a Battle Royale mode, might give Fallout 76 the ability to actually gain players, if its image hasn’t suffered too much. EA has also said that they are committed to getting Anthem to meet the expectations of gamers, though that also relies on BioWare being able to pull it off.

If the Anthem and Fallout 76 put more time into actually fixing the problems of their games, then they might be able to recover. However, considering their current public images, who knows how that will go.