Anthem Factions Reputation Guide – Max Reputation Tips, Freelancers, Arcanist, Sentinels Loyalty

This is a detailed Anthem Guide on three Factions and farming Anthem Factions Reputation. Of course, we will also discuss the challenge that is done if you complete all three Factions as well.

Anthem Factions Reputation

There are three total Factions in Anthem, with one game-changing challenge after you get Max Reputation with the three Factions. You can choose either of the three at any time so don’t fret too much and choose whatever feels easier for you at first.

We will discuss each Faction, advantages of leveling up in a certain Faction, and leveling up faster in the respective Factions.

Freelancers – Followers of General Tarsis

Freelancers are basically a group of Pilots who have banded together to serve the people with the unique powers they have been blessed.

Freelancers are the followers of the great General Tarsis and follow the Path of Valor without question. They will do anything for the General.

Rank Rewards
Freelancer Loyalty Level 1 Uncommon: Universal Component Blueprints
Freelancer Loyalty Level 2 Rare: Universal Component Blueprints
Freelancer Loyalty Level 3 Epic: Universal Component Blueprints

Here are some of the things that will help you level up Freelancers faster:

World Events
Some of the limited-time World Events will reward you quite handsomely with Freelancers’ reputation. Some of the currently-known World Events are:

  • “Dominion Incursion” World Event
  • “Freelancers in Need” World Event

Chatting with NPCs
You will earn a little Freelancer reputation by talking to the following NPCs in Fort Tarsis:

  • Sev
  • Max
  • Neeson Giles
  • Faye
  • Yarrow
  • Prospero
  • Zoe
  • Freelancer Jani
  • Freelancer Rythe

Doing Yarrow Missions
Yarrow is one of the NPCs in Fort Tarsis. He can be found in the basement of the Fort.

Occasionally, Yarrow will be looking for people to do his biddings and if you are able to complete them, they will be rewarded with neat amounts of Freelancers Faction Reputation.

Exploring the Map
Of course, Freelancers are also explorers. If you are able to find any Hidden Areas on the map, for the first time, you will earn some Freelancers Faction Reputation.

Sentinels – Protector of Peace

The Sentinels are the great protectors of peace of the civilians on behalf of the Emperor. They are also the only defenders of the wall that surrounds the civilization of Anthem. Of course, siding with this faction will bring about great rewards too.

Rank Rewards
Sentinel Loyalty Level 1 Uncommon: Iconic Component Blueprints
Sentinel Loyalty Level 2 Rare: Iconic Component Blueprints
Sentinel Loyalty Level 3 Epic: Iconic Component Blueprints

Here is a list of things that will help you level up the Sentinels faction faster:

Story Missions
Some of the story missions are deeply related to the Sentinels faction, and if you complete them, you will receive quite a lot of Sentinels reputation.

Chatting with NPCs
You will earn a little Sentinels reputation by talking to the following NPCs:

  • Pirndel Blatch
  • Lucky Jak
  • Prospero
  • Neeson Giles

Odd Jobs for Sentinel Brin
Sentinel Brin, in case it isn’t obvious from her name, is a member of the Sentinels. She is a socially awkward girl, but well, she will sometimes offer you jobs and reward you with Sentinels reputation in return.

Collecting Crafting Nodes
Nodes are like the small Treasure Boxes of Anthem. You will get a little Sentinel rep. every time you open and find Crafting Nodes in one of them.

Arcanists – Scholars and Magicians

The Arcanists, as the name suggests, seek ancient and modern knowledge. They are scientists, scholars, and researchers. They use their immense knowledge to help the people of Anthem in various fields.

It is said that they even reverse-engineered the Storm Javelin for the Freelancers!

Rank Rewards
Arcanist Loyalty Level 1 Uncommon: Match Component Blueprints
Arcanist Loyalty Level 2 Rare: Match Component Blueprints
Arcanist Loyalty Level 3 Epic: Match Component Blueprints

Here are a few ways to level up the Arcanist faction faster:

World Events
You will receive quite a lot of Arcanist Faction Reputation if you complete the limited-time World Events. The currently-known World Events right now are:

  • “Scar Foothold” World Event
  • “Strider Distress Beacon” World Event

Chatting with NPCs
You will get some Arcanist Faction Reputation by talking to the following NPCs in Fort Tarsis:

  • Sev
  • Chronicler
  • Neeson Giles
  • Prospero
  • Sayrna

Collect Notes, Collectibles, and Treasure Chests
If you find Notes, Collectibles, and Treasure Chests, you will gain a little reputation from the Arcanist. This is because the Arcanists are always looking for hidden knowledge. Help them, and you will be rewarded.

Mathias Missions
Mathias will occasionally give you contracts in his room. Complete his contracts and you will be rewarded with some Arcanist Faction Reputation.

Champion of Tarsis

After reaching Loyalty Level 3 on all three Factions, you will unlock the challenge of Champion of Tarsis.

The Champion of Tarsis is a state that, once achieved, will remove the cap on how much reputation you can earn in each Faction. This means that you will be able to earn an infinite number of reputation for Arcanist, Freelancer and Sentinel Factions.

Oh, and you will eventually get the ability to redeem your points for the Masterwork Component Blueprints in the Forge, for any of the 4 Javelins. Of course, if you grind enough, you can get all Masterworks for all 4 Javelins too.

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