Anthem End Game – What to Do After Completing the Story, High-Tier Loot, Strongholds

The end game is essential to the longevity of every online-only video game and ones that need their community to always keep coming back to the game even years after it has launched.

Anthem is no different in this regard. Following in the footsteps of Destiny and The Division in terms of constant updates from the Developing Team to engage players for a long-term, here is what we know about the end-game activities in Anthem so far.

Anthem End Game

We already know that Bioware has made promises for the end-game content in the form of constant updates for new features, quests, and challenges as we get a chance to involve ourselves within the matters of the sprawling world of Anthem.

Calling them “Acts”, the first one of the bunch will commence in March with a limited time event known as the Cataclysm.

This event will see natural disasters across different regions of the map along with menacing new enemies to overcome and secrets to uncover.

The end-game phase for the players is reached when Pilot Level 30 is attained. This level will be around when you are done with the main story campaign of Anthem.

This unlocks new Javelin abilities and weapons to equip but getting them requires XP grinding and not all activities will net you a decent reward for your hard work.

Grand Master, Grand Master 2, and Grand Master 3 are unlocked after reaching Pilot Level 30 so you always have the sufficient gear and equipment to access and complete the end-game activities.

You will be leveling up as a Pilot, your difficulty level will be increasing. You can unlock the last 3 difficulty levels of the game i.e. Grandmaster1, 2 and 3 when you reach your Pilot Level 30.

This higher difficulty will help you acquire better loot and new gears. Moreover, by playing on the Grandmaster levels, you will be having chances to get Legendaries.

With a higher difficulty level, you will need more updated Javelins for which you will have to modify them by getting higher level gear in your game by completing challenges and missions.

Legendary Contracts
Only via this end-game activity can you hope for obtaining high-tier and high-rarity items for real progression. These items will comprise of the blueprints for crafting weapons and gear.

Of course, the blueprints are not just restricted to end-game missions but different factions give special Legendary Contracts to you.

These contracts consist of multiple objectives within a single task and the rewards are pretty decent even for high-levels.

Legendary Contracts are missions that pop on your screen as purple notes. These missions turn out to be almost impossible to survive in.

These contracts will make you fight with some deadly enemies but on winning the battle, you will be rewarded with a much higher Level loot than in normal contracts. The contracts you receive during the faction’s quests will be a part of its story.

Regular Challenges
Crafting gear is also made easier via a consistent method that is to take part in and complete the challenges you are presented on a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly basis.

These various missions will often give you decent rewards and to check on their status, head to “Hourglass” icon on the map that indicates the location of Lucky Jack at the Fort Tarsis.

Players face challenges in Fort Tarsis on a Daily basis. Challenges are divided as Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. You have to check for these challenges by yourself.

Daily Challenges are easier than Weekly. These Weekly Challenges are a bunch of missions that are to be completed in a times period of seven days.

Whereas Monthly Challenges are obviously the most challenging missions which give the players a tough time. These challenges reward you with the raw materials for your gear.

Crafting Materials
You will be rewarded with crafting Blueprints after completing challenges in the game. These Blueprints will help you in Crafting Materials if you have the resources for it.

You can unlock your resources by completing the endgame missions. Challenges played at higher difficulty will provide you with rare Blueprints hence helping you create better material.

Crafting your weapons and upgrading your suits will help you in dealing with more damage.

Act 1 contains the Cataclysm in the game that is a world event that causes changes in the weather and spawning of deadly creatures and mysteries that are more new.

There is yet not much known about this event and its award but further updates will be given to you.

There is an option of Freeplay in the game where you can explore the world of Anthem for more and more challenges, missions, rewards, and loot.

You can complete these challenges, knock out your enemies, loot them and carry on with your journey.

Beware of the World Events, as they will be the reason for the change in weather. Go out, complete quests, meet new players, gather resources and find out the secrets of the Anthem world.

Strongholds are Anthem’s answer to the dungeons of many popular RPGs. Teamwork is crucial here as you take on some of the most ferocious and powerful foes on an elaborated trek across some dangerous areas.

At the end of the tough struggle, you will be rewarded quite handsomely with some of the rarest loot that can be acquired in Anthem.

Stronghold Missions will challenge you and your team by putting you in brutal combats with some lethal enemies. Increasing the difficulty Level will again reward you with higher loot.

The whole team should strategize the mission and all the combos should be well practiced. Communicate with your team, attack your enemies with combos and knock them out.

Completing these Strongholds will reward you with loot or gears with which you can also Craft Materials.

End-game Farming

Although, as the information above suggests, there are various tasks and spots for getting Masterwork and Legendary loot, some spots are just too good not to be prioritized over others.

One such spot is swarming with high-level enemies so you will need to ensure you are heading in with the most efficient gear and have the attack planned by coordinating with your teammates.

The place in question is one of the Strongholds tilted The Heart of Rage that is the last Stronghold of the game.

As the in-game statement for the objective points out, you should be at around Javelin Power 500 to finish through the Stronghold at Grand Master 2 or 3 difficulties.

You will need to eliminate all enemies within the Stronghold before you proceed onto the boss fight. Most of the high-value items you will obtain will be via killing enemies rather than discovering the loot in chests.

In your fight against the multiple foes, it is recommended that your team should have a couple of Colossus Javelins.

This is because these Javelin types can utilize the Firewall Mortar and Explosive Mortar abilities since these serve as good AOE dealing decent damage to a whole group of enemies within close proximity.

Bringing consumables into battle is also highly advised since these will allow you to maximize the damage output as well as regenerate your shield and healing abilities quickly so to never lack in your defenses at any time.

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