Anthem’s Elysian Chests Won’t Contain Armour

The upcoming Elysian Chests in this month’s Anthem update will not contain armour packs, BioWare has now confirmed. This confirmation comes after a miscommunication between lead producer, Ben Irving and the fans which led everyone to believe that these chests will contain armour sets.

Many are disappointed since it’s something they wanted in the game from a very long time. It’s not the first time as Anthem players and developers both have been going through a rough time since the game’s launch.

Developers are trying their best to please the players but they always somehow end up doing the opposite like Ben Irving’s latest statement. To clarify, Irving said:

My bad here, i read the question as “when can we earn vanity in Anthem” as opposed to “when can we earn armor” – There are no armor packs in the Elysian Caches but there are a lot of very cool Vinyls, Arrival Animations, Victory Poses and Emotes. More details coming.

It seems like those who are interested in armour packs will have to wait a little longer. As for Anthem’s Elysian Caches coming this month, these will act as rewards for all the players who complete a major Stronghold after they have killed the boss. Players can use a key to have access to these rewards which range from Masterwork crafting materials, vinyls, emotes to victory poses and many more. Every player in the squad will receive rewards if all four players have keys.

Despite the ups and downs, the developers have promised to listen to the fans and deliver what they want. Anthem’s 1.0.4 update is all set to release this week. One of the big addition coming includes FOV Slider for the game’s PC version. FOV Slider comes with a total of five options being Ground FOV, Zoomed FOV, Pilot FOV, Flight FOV, and Swim FOV.

Aside from that, there are various Forge improvements coming. After the update, there will be no loading screens for going into the Forge and it can be accessed anywhere from the Fort Tarsis.

Loot is also receiving some tweaks. The patch notes mention that “Stronghold bosses still guarantee one Masterwork on GM difficulty, but now the remaining loot can be rolled for Masterworks/Legendaries”. Also, Strongholds and free play chests will have improved rare gear drop rate. You can check out all of the coming changes including new features, bug fixes, and changes here.

Anthem published by EA is now available to play on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.

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