Anthem Crafting Guide – Unlock Blueprints, Crafting Materials Locations, Inscriptions

There is a load of Crafting in Anthem, but fret not, for this Crafting Guide has been crafted to help you find and resolve all confusions you may have about the Crafting System in BioWare’s Anthem. This will be a relatively big guide focusing on how to unlock Blueprints, finding Crafting Materials, and some Crafting Tips to help you find better weapons in the game.

Anthem Crafting

Crafting is one of the most important aspects of Anthem, for this is an RPG game. You will have to craft the best weapons and armor in the game, so you should learn to craft earlier than later.

Of course, crafting in the game is not free. You will require a Blueprint (for the item you may have to craft) and some Crafting Materials. Without further ado, let us begin this guide:

How to Craft

Here is a shortened version of the stuff you need to do to craft an item in Anthem:

Unlock the blueprint of the weapon/armor you wish to craft.
Farm for the crafting materials necessary to craft the weapon.
After you have the required materials, head to “The Forge” to craft your weapon/armor.

How to Unlock Blueprints?

Blueprints are an essential part of Anthem and the integral part of crafting in the game. You cannot craft anything if you do not have their Blueprint.

Once you have acquired the required Crafting Materials, you can begin making what you need at the Forge but first, you will need the Blueprints.

At the beginning of the game, you will have access to some basic Blueprints for items of the common rarity but as your Javelin levels up; you will need to find rarer ones to craft better gear.

These can be found through Strongholds, Special Events, and by doing challenges that build your Reputation.

Blueprints in Anthem are available right from the start though only the basic ones. Here is a list of ways you can find the Blueprints in Anthem:

Some of the Strongholds and even special, limited-time events will reward you with Rare Blueprints that are much better than the Normal Blueprints you may found randomly in games.

Redeem Blueprints with Reputation
Follow our extended Reputation Guide to help you farm Factions Reputation.

You can use your hard-earned Reputation to redeem Blueprints. This is, by far, the most reliable method to obtain Rare Blueprints.

Roam the World and Complete Missions
Some missions will award you with Blueprints. You may also obtain some when you are roaming the world. Although this is not confirmed, Blueprints may drop from Treasure Chests. Again, this is not confirmed!

Use Weapons until X Condition is Met
As soon as you complete the requirement set on the weapon, you will get a blueprint from it. You can then re-craft that weapon repeatedly, with random stats. Is it not that nice?

How to Farm Crafting Materials?

In order to craft a weapon or an armor piece, the second thing you would need are Crafting Materials.

Different blueprints require different type and quantity of materials, therefore, be sure to check your blueprint after acquiring it to see what you may be missing. Here are the main Crafting Materials that are used in the world of Anthem:

Chimeric Compound & Chimeric Alloy
One of the most common Crafting Materials in the world of Anthem is the Chimeric Compounds. They are found almost everywhere: from rocks, minerals, and even green vegetation.

The best way to farm for the Chimeric Compounds is to head into the Freeplay game mode and destroy everything in your path. You will also regularly find Chimeric Alloy.

Javelin Parts
The four Javelins in the game also require special parts to upgrade them. These parts can only be found by salvaging the equipment for that specific Javelin that you do not use anymore.

If you are using Storm and find a weaker Storm part, salvage it and you will find some Crafting Components that are required to upgrade/craft stronger Storm parts.

Uncommon/Rare/Epic/Masterwork Embers
Ember is a rare component and can be found in Treasure Chests and plants. Ember is also found when you salvage equipment parts.

Ember is also used to make a weapon from its blueprint after you have successfully completed the requirements set for it.

An easy way to sure-farm Ember easily is to complete World Events. They are really easy to do.

Oh, and if you are too lazy to do any of that, you can directly purchase tons of Ember through the Regulator Store. You can unlock the Regulator Store once you are Level 2 with the Arcanist.

You can follow the Reputation Guide to easily level up with the Arcanist faction.

Weapon Parts
These are used to craft new weapons and can be found inside containers during missions and Freeplay. These can also be obtained from dismantling weapons.

Complete each weapon’s specific challenges, which are normally to take out enemies using that weapon.

You can find Weapon Parts in Treasure Chests and through some random loot drops or even after salvaging unused weapons. Salvaging unused weapons is, by far, the easiest way to get Weapon Parts.

Gain loyalty levels with the Arcanists faction by doing World events that are for Arcanist Reputation like the Scar Foothold and Strider Distress Beacon Events. Completing Mathias missions will also gain you bonus Reputation.

Ammo and Armor Components
Gain loyalty levels with the Freelancer faction by doing the World events Dominion Incursion and Free Lancers In Need. Doing mission that Yarrow the Freelancer gives you will also net Faction Reputation.

Ability and Elemental Components
Gain loyalty levels with the Sentinel faction by doing Main Story Missions, Sentinel Brin missions and by Crafting Materials such as Mining Nodes, Plant Nodes, and Metal Parts Nodes.

The Forge

After you have found all the materials you may need for your blueprinted weapon/armor piece, head to The Forge and craft the weapon/armor piece. That is it!

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