Report: Anthem Could Be in Trouble in the Wake of Battlefront 2 Controversy, EA Execs “Reconsidering Monetization Plans”

After the failure of Star Wars Battlefront 2 to win the hearts of the fans, shadows are lurking over EA’s Anthem according to a new rumor. Anthem, a brand new IP is an online multiplayer action game. The first Anthem gameplay was shared at E3 2017.

From what little has been shown to the media, Anthem looks like a promising game but the recent unraveling of EA’s predatory practices could have Anthem in trouble. After giving legendary role-playing games like the Mass Effect trilogy and the Dragon Age series Bioware Edmonton team seems is set to give to the fans what they are terming as the “destiny killer”.

Same micro-transactions mess created by EA in Battlefront 2 was expected from EA’s Anthem gameplay as well. The repercussions being faced in this regard were somehow not expected to be this intense. But thanks to the reaction, according to internal sources, BioWare and EA are “reconsidering their monetization plans” for Anthem. Anthem gameplay it seems will be free from the shackles of aggressive microtransactions. Needless to mention, while they will tone it down, do not expect EA to remove microtransaction.

EA is thinking long and hard about the project and how they best to monetize it without causing another Battlefront 2 incident. However, Anthem game trailer we saw promised big but it may not be able to deliver since the lead developers working with EA for over a decade seem to be dropping like flies.

Bioware Montreal was the latest EA studio to be shut down after games like Mass Effect Andromeda were heavily criticized for having weak animations and failed to get any single player DLC resulting in the lead developer leaving. We are hearing that if Anthem fails to spike sales, Bioware Edmonton may face the same fate as some of the other EA subsidiaries.

Stephen Gilmore, the lead developer of Anthem was recently fired which has resulted in an outcry by fans who are expecting Anthem in 2018.

Before that Mike Laidlaw had announced his departure from Bioware. With developers leaving mid-development, Anthem is certainly in trouble right now. Developer leaving reportedly affected Andromeda and something similar is happing with Anthem.

Anthem gameplay was pretty decent and we hope the title successfully survives EA’s predatory loot boxes.

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