Anthem Contracts Walkthrough Guide – How to Complete, Locations

With the help of our Anthem Contracts Walkthrough Guide, you will be able to learn all about finding and doing all the Contracts and Legendary Contracts.

Anthem offers a variety of missions and side quests for you to tackle. Contracts are minor side quests that you can accept from the notice board located in the main part of the fort or in the Launch Bay.

Anthem Contracts

Each contract has different randomly generated objectives and they can be very short or super lengthy. The lengthier ones provide more of a challenge but also promise a greater reward.

This Anthem Guide will give you an idea of how to proceed with some Contracts.

Field Work

1 Visit Matti to activate the contract and then start the expedition by entering your Javelin.
2 Use your marker to find the mission location.
3 Use your on screen compass to look for the six fragments you need to collect around the area.
4 After collecting all Fragments, you do not need to finish off the enemies you encounter to proceed. Just fly off to the next area.
5 Find and collect the other six Fragments and place them on the transporter. You still do not need to finish off the enemies.
6 Proceed to the next location and wipe out the entire Scar scouts in the area. They will be equipped with long-range sniper weapons so take them out quickly and carefully. Inflict more damage on the Enforcers by aiming for the gas tanks.
7 Take down the Scar leader. This creature will have larger HP than the others so use your most powerful abilities and combos to bring it down. Once the area is clear, the expedition is over.

Archive Hunt

1 Visit Matthias to activate the contract and then start the expedition by entering your Javelin.
2 Use your marker to find the mission location.
3 Hold off waves of Scar enemies while powering the devices. It is advised that you get behind above or to the side of Scar scouts to get the jump on them. Use Combos to take down Enforcers.
4 Follow your marker to get to the Research site.
5 Kill all the Skorpions in the area.
6 After the area is clear, proceed to the next location
7 Activate the Vault
8 Collect 8 tuning points
9 Activate the Vault again to start the attunement process and stay near the signal until it is finished. This ends the expedition

Hazard Pay

1 Visit Yarrow to activate the contract and then start the expedition by entering your Javelin.
2 Locate the Arcanists with your marker
3 Save the Arcanists from the outlaws. Repairing downed sentinels around you will gain you XP
4 Charge the signal while staying within its radius
5 After the power goes out, locate the two generators with your marker and fix them. Avoid enemy fire by standing behind the generators.
6 Defend the signal from further attacks by outlaws. Once the signal finishes charging, proceed forward to the ruins.
7 Follow the marker until you come across the Titans. You can take them down by exploiting the burning spots in their arms and back. Avoid being hit by their ground and air fire attacks by staying on the ground or jumping up.
8 After the Titans are defeated, go outside and follow your marker to locate the missing Freelancer. Search the area to find him using your compass.
9 After finding him, stay in the vicinity to scan the link. Once the link has been scanned, destroy the remaining Scars by aiming for their gas tanks. You can watch out for their attacks by listening to the sounds of their laser sights.
10 Head towards the next location by following your marker and eliminate all the Scar soldiers there.
11 Defeat the Luminary the shows up to finish the mission. It can do massive damage so stay behind cover as much as you can. Aim for the weak spots under the legs to do some worthwhile damage while using your most power abilities (including your Ultimate Ability) to bring down its health.

First Response

1 Accept the First Response Contract from the Contract Board in Fort Tarsis then launch an expedition.
2 Locate the Arcanists using the quest markers. They will be near an area called Tracks of Midderon.
3 Stand near the marked location to finish the scan faster, and defend the area from attack until the progress bar is filled.
4 Follow the quest markers to the second site in Legion’s Plateau and eliminate all the enemies in the area. Stand near the marked location and defend the area until the scan finishes.
5 Track down the Outlaw leader in the Outlaw Camp in Helena’s Walk. You can find this via the quest marker.
6 Eliminate Outlaws in the area until the marked Outlaw Leader shows up.
7 Defeat the leader and eliminate the remaining enemies.
8 Follow the quest markers and locate the Strider. Use the radar indicator to locate the Strider battery. Watch out for the Elite Outlaw Shotgunners as they can do massive up close damage. Keep your distance when taking them out.
9 Restart the power of the Strider and release the safety hatch. An armored Legendary Outlaw Lancer will appear and you will have to deal with it.
10 Defeat the Lancer by taking out its shields first with high power weapons or electricity or ice damage. Then deal with its armor with fire and acid damage.
11 Once you have dealt with the Lancer, free trapped crew in the marked location in the Strider to finish the mission.

Protection Duty

1 Interact with the board next to Yarrow in Fort Tarsis to accept the Contract and launch an expedition
2 Head to the last location of the Freelancers and rescue them from Scars. Focus on freeing the restrained Freelancers since it is the main objective. You do not have to fight the Scar soldiers when you do this.
3 Defeat the Scar Enforcer that shows up. The front side is shielded so your best course of action is to attack from behind them. However, mind your distance as getting too close to the flamethrowers is not wise.
4 Eliminate the rest of the Scar troops in the area. The Scout destroyers will send seeker mines after you that explode on impact. So if notice a red glow in your area, get away from there. Avoid attacks from scouts by keeping an eye out for their laser sight.
5 Head to the location of the Outlaws and destroy the turrets there. They will all be next to each other so just stay behind cover and take them out from a distance.
6 Once the turrets have been disabled, take out the Outlaws. The Outlaw Elementalist will come at you in a Storm Javelin with several different elemental attacks so prioritize taking it down. Deplete their shield before attacking.
7 Travel to the Freelancer’s location and search around after defeating the Scar in the area.
8 Destroy the Scar Stockpiles you find by planting explosives. Stay in the area while fighting off the Scar horde until the explosives are fully armed.
9 Eliminate the remaining Scar Reinforcements to finish the contract.

Freelancer Work

1 Accept the mission from the board next to Faye and Yarrow in Fort Tarsis then launch an expedition.
2 Locate the Outlaws and recover the five lost pieces of Freelancer gear by using the compass on the top of your screen.
3 Defeat the Outlaws in the area. The Legendary Outlaw Lancer has a Ranger Javelin that comes equipped with a Shock Mace, ranged attack, and Multi-Target Missile Battery. Mid-Long range combat is advised. Take down the Elementalist by depleting its shields and then attacking it when it is vulnerable.
4 Locate the missing Freelancer. Search the area using your compass.
5 Defeat the remaining Outlaws in the area
6 Destroy 3 Scar caches with explosives. Be sure to stay within their areas while they get fully armed and then wipe out the remaining enemies. Shoot down the shields of Scar Hunters in the sky to ground them and make them easier to kill.
7 Locate the Beast. Search for clues in the area.
8 Hunt down the two Ursix Beasts. These creatures have Rock throwing ranged attacks so watch out for those and aim for the head since it’s the weak point. Defeat the second Beast after finishing off the first one to end the expedition.

Decryption Research

1 Accept the contract from the table in Matthias’ room, and then launch an expedition.
2 Head to the Arcanists’ location and rescue them by attacking the Skorpion webs. These will be marked around the area with yellow icons. Evade the Skorpions’ acid spit by staying mobile. Getting hit by this can result in you getting an Acid debuff on your character.
3 Travel to the location of the Shaper relic and collect the six fragments. Use the compass on the top of your screen to find them scattered around the area. It will point you to their general direction, and fully glow when you are next to one. Brutes will attack you as you attempt to return the fragments so pull up a shield and use acid attacks on them. Also, watch out for Seeker mines.
4 Head to the next location after returning the Fragments to the relic. There you will find a vault that needs to be attuned.
5 Attune and Activate the Vault. This is done by passing through the spheres in under a minute. You will need to stay in the Vault area while it activates while fighting off Skorpions and Frost Wolves. Leaving the area will cause the progress to reverse.
6 Head to the next location after the Vault activation is complete.
7 Destroy five Dominion machines within the time limit. You should avoid engaging in combat and just prioritize destroying the machines since the time limit is just two minutes.
8 Finish off the Dominion Troops. Valkyries are Dominion troops with Storm Javelins. They can float and hurt you with elemental attacks, debuffs so focus fire on them until they are stunned, and then attack. Once the area is clear, the mission ends.

Sentinel Collaboration

1 Visit Sentinel Brin to activate the Contract and then enter your Javelin to start the Expedition
2 Follow the marker to the last known location of the missing Sentinel Patrol
3 Locate and gather the four Sentinel Signets. The compass on top will guide you to them quickly. You do not need to engage in combat during this part and after you’ve found them, head out to the next location.
4 Get rid of the Skorpion Eggs in the new area and then fly off to the next Location
5 Place explosives on Stockpiles. You can find the explosives by using the compass on top of your screen. You will need to stay within the area of the explosives until they are fully armed so just repeat this until all three stockpiles have been decimated.
6 Clear out remaining enemies to finish the mission.