Anthem Combat Strategy Guide – Advanced Combo Tips, Primers, Detonators, Combos

If you are just jumping into BioWare’s Anthem, you should know that your Javelin suits play a big part in the combat.

These suits come in 4 different classes and each brings something new to the table so we have prepared a Combat Strategy Guide that will go over the abilities that the Javelin provides and other important tips for excelling at Anthem’s combat.

Anthem Advanced Combat

You do not have immediate access to all the Javelins as you start playing the game. You start with the Ranger class at Level 2 and have to level up to unlock the others.

These are the 4 types of Javelins you can use and you can select these before any Expedition:

The Ranger Javelin is the first suit you get and it is versatile enough for any kind of situation. It can be effective in both close and long-range combat since it has access to every weapon.

The Colossus Javelin is the muscle. This suit has strong defensive capabilities and while it is slower than the others, it packs a bigger punch with its shield and heavy weapons. If your goal is to do heavy damage in one hit then this is the suit for you.

The Interceptor Javelin is perfect for fast-paced close combat in which you use stealth to take down enemies and then leave. If you want to play like an assassin, this is the suit for you.

The Storm Javelin makes use of elements in combat. Due to its low defensive capabilities, it is not a suit that you charge at the enemy. Keep your distance by hovering in the air and deal ice, fire, and lightning damage to your foes.

Each Javelin has its own unique set of Abilities called gear and there is no reason to just sit on these.

The abilities need to be charged before you can use them so if you are in combat and there is a ten-second cool-down, use it to clear out enemies before they overwhelm you.

Taking down enemies and assisting allies will charge them faster. Once your abilities bar is full, you can use the Javelin’s ultimate to take out a large number of enemies.

This also has the added benefit of recharging your health and shields if they get dangerously low.

Grandmaster Difficulties

Reaching higher difficulties such as Grandmaster 1, 2 and 3 will grant you access to rarer gear. The gear comes in 6 rarities:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Masterwork
  • Legendary

You can customize your loadout in The Forge by making gear selections that best suit how you play. The rarer the gear, the bigger the advantage you get over your enemies.

Saving multiple loadouts at the forge will allow you to swap them before going on Expeditions.

You will want to get familiar with your weapons in the field. Once you unlock the secondary slot, you can carry more and switch between them. Choose your loadout based on how you want to play.

Everything has room for improvement and your gear is no exception. Once you explore and find the right materials, you can begin crafting new items of your choice.

On your menu, start tracking challenges that you can complete in order to unlock Blueprints.

Using the right Combos can give you the edge in battle, as they are capable of quickly, and reliably decimating the more difficult enemies you will encounter. The key elements of performing elements are:

The Primer

These elemental moves damage and inflict some sort of status on the enemy such as Fire, Ice, Electricity, or Acid.

The Detonator

Once an enemy has been primed, the first player to detonate it will trigger a combo.

Lower level enemies are easier to prime than higher Level ones since those are normally shielded so you will have to deal with taking down those shields before you do anything else.

The type of damage done by the detonation will depend on the type of Javelin being used:

  • Ranger does extra bonus damage to a single target.
  • Colossus does bonus damage to all targets in proximity of the detonation.
  • Storm does elemental damage to all foes within the detonation radius.
  • Interceptor inherits an aura based on the status applied to the enemy.

The last most important thing to remember about the combat in Anthem is that you are not always a one-man army.

It is good to rely on your teammates for support, especially if you find yourself stuck in the more challenging content of the game such as Strongholds. They can help you detonate combos or cover you while you pursue your objectives.

It is best to have a squad with each member using a different Javelin since it opens up new opportunities for you to experiment with different combos. Combat Missions are more rewarding when you play together.